NIH GUIDE, Volume 23, Number 17, May 6, 1994

P.T. 34


  Cell Lines 

National Center for Research Resources

The National Center for Research Resources supports the American Type

Culture Collection (ATCC), which is an international resource to

provide scientists with a variety of biological material.  This is a

notification sent to all recipients of the cell line ATCC-CRL 1593

(U-937) from Freeze lot F-11205.  A cellular cross contamination has

been discovered and confirmed by PCR and cytogenetic analyses at the

ATCC.  The inappropriate cell line has not yet been identified, but

is human and has a chromosomal mode of 67 plus other properties

different from those of U-937.  DNA and cell progeny from additional

stocks of U-937 are currently under scrutiny.  Results will be made

public in due course.

The ATCC appreciates that this contamination will have caused

considerable confusion plus wasted effort in recipients' laboratories

and sincerely regrets the problem.  The situation emphasizes the

critical need for repeated testing of stocks of cells and organisms

for purity.  Upon request ATCC will provide replacements for all

cultures of F-11205 with aliquots of a new lot of U-937 having

authenticity confirmed.


Direct programmatic inquiries regarding this resource to:

Elaine Young, Ph.D.

ATCC Project Officer

National Center for Research Resources

Westwood Building, Room 854

Bethesda, MD  20892

Telephone:  (301) 594-7906

Direct requests for updated information and replacement cultures to:

Robert Hay, Ph.D., Head

Cell Culture Department

American Type Culture Collection

12301 Parklawn Drive

Rockville, MD  20852-1776

Telephone:  (301) 231-5529

FAX:  (301) 770-1848


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