NIH GUIDE, Volume 23, Number 16, April 29, 1994

P.T. 42


  Animal Care 

  Animal Research Policy 

National Institutes of Health

The National Institutes of Health, Office for Protection from

Research Risks is continuing to sponsor workshops on implementing the

Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory

Animals.  Each of the workshops scheduled for Fiscal Year 1994 will

focus on a specific theme.

The workshops are open to institutional administrators, members of

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees, laboratory animal

veterinarians, investigators and other institutional staff who have

responsibility for high-quality management of sound institutional

animal care and use programs.  Ample opportunities will be provided

to exchange ideas and interests through question and answer sessions

and informal discussions.


DATES:  MAY 5-6, 1994

TOPIC:  Training and Education:  Institutional Improvement - Crisis



Stewart Center and Memorial Union, Campus of Purdue University


Purdue University


Ms. Lisa D. Snider, Administrative Assistant

Laboratory Animal Program

Purdue University

1071 South Campus Courts-D

West Lafayette, IN  47907-1071

Telephone:  (317) 494-7206

FAX:  (317) 494-0793

FEE:  $150.00 - Regular; $50.00 - Graduate Students/Post-Docs

DESCRIPTION:  The general theme will focus on continuing education

and training as mandated by the National Institutes of Health and

USDA.  The format will include panel discussions and concurrent

breakout sessions.  The group discussions will address occupational

health; analgesia/pain/surgery; euthanasia; and tailoring the CET

programs to specific audiences.


DATES:  AUGUST 4-5, 1994

TOPIC:  Sharing Animal Welfare Responsibilities Between Affiliated



Portland Marriott Hotel, Portland, OR


Department of Veterans Affairs


Ms. Margaret Doherty

Veterans Affairs Medical Center

P.O. Box 1034

Portland, OR  92707-1034

Telephone:  (503) 220-8262 Ext. 7610

FAX:  (503) 273-5351

FEE:  $150 - Regular; $100 - Students and Technicians

DESCRIPTION:  The workshop will explore the relationships among

academia, government, and industry as they pertain to the care and

use of laboratory animals and animal research facilities and

programs.  The speakers will focus on issues such as sorting out

collaborations, assuming responsibility; VA vs Academia; cost and

benefits of industrial contracts and agreements; building a shared

institutional animal care and use committee; and the regulatory

agencies' perspective and oversight.


DATES:  September 29-30, 1994

TOPIC:  Use of Animals in Research and Alternatives


Monteleone Hotel, New Orleans, LA


Louisiana State University Medical Center

Xavier University of Louisiana


Ms. Lois Herbez, Administrative Secretary

Louisiana State University Medical Center

1542 Tulane Avenue

New Orleans, LA  70112

Telephone:  (504) 568-4198

FAX:  (504) 568-4843

FEE:  $150

DESCRIPTION:  The theme of the workshop will address various aspects

of the use of animals in research and the role of animals and

alternatives in research and education.  The workshop will address

such issues as (1) Adequacy of Computer Searches; (2) NIH, USDA, FDA

Alternatives Initiative; (3) Occupational Health - Implementation,

Update and Biosafety Concerns; (4) Roles of Animals and Alternatives

in Education.


For further information concerning these workshops and future NIH

Animal Welfare Education Workshops, contact:

Ms. Roberta Sonneborn

Office for Protection from Research Risks

National Institutes of Health

Building 31, Room 5B63

Bethesda, MD  20892

Telephone:  (301) 496-7163

FAX:  (301) 402-2803


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