NIH GUIDE, Volume 23, Number 12, March 25, 1994




National Cancer Institute

The Developmental Therapeutics Program (DTP), Division of Cancer

Treatment (DCT), National Cancer Institute (NCI) is seeking a

contractor to evaluate compounds for anticancer activity in

experimental in vivo tumor models.  Studies will focus on agents

identified by the Program's disease-oriented in vitro drug screen and

will employ human tumors growing in immune-deficient (e.g., athymic,

SCID) mice.  Experiments will be designed and conducted to optimize

drug activity and evaluate the drug's therapeutic potential.  Some in

vivo studies may involve murine tumors growing in pathogen-free

immune-competent rodents, and some cell culture support will be

required for propagation of selected human tumors.  Results from the

project will be interrelated with pharmacokinetic, toxicologic,

biochemical and immunologic information to devise and recommend

treatment strategies for clinical trials and will be included in

investigational New Drug Applications.

Compounds to be studied will be selected and assigned by the

Government.  As compounds of a commercially confidential nature may

be evaluated, pharmaceutical and chemical companies will be excluded

from the competition.  Also, since structural formulae of

confidential materials may be provided by the Government on occasion,

the organization must be willing to sign a confidentiality of

information statement.

The organization will provide facilities for handling pathogen-free

immune-competent and immune-deficient rodents and utilize methods to

protect the facilities from pathogenic organisms.  The contract also

shall provide facilities/equipment for frozen storage of tumors,

tumor transplantation, drug preparation, and treatment,

facilities/equipment for the handling of potentially carcinogenic or

hazardous materials; facilities/equipment for propagation and testing

human and murine tumor lines in vitro.  The Principal Investigator

should have an M.D.; D.V.M.; or Ph.D. in one of the relevant

biological sciences (or equivalent experience), managerial

experience, and experience in either managing an in vivo screening

program utilizing small animals or evaluating the efficacy or

toxicity of antitumor agents, should understand the principles of

cancer chemotherapy, and devote approximately 25 percent of his/her

time to the project.

It is anticipated that one incrementally funded contract will be

awarded for a base period of three years, with two one year options.

The contract will be written on a level-of-effort basis, specifying

that the contractor is to furnish 64,000 labor hours over five years.

RFP No. NCI-CM-57207-30 will be available on or about March 31, 1994.

Responses will be due May 20, 1994.


Copies of the RFP may be obtained by sending a written request to:

Ms. Elsa B. Carlton

Research Contracts Branch

National Cancer Institute

Executive Plaza South, Room 603

Bethesda, MD  20892

Telephone:  (301) 496-8620

No collect calls will be accepted.


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