NIH GUIDE, Volume 23, Number 12, March 25, 1994



Public Health Service

Notice is hereby given that on February 25, 1994 a Research Integrity

Adjudications Panel of the Departmental Appeals Board issued a ruling

upholding scientific misconduct findings of the Office of Research

Integrity (ORI) in the following case:

John C. Hiserodt, M.D., Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh.  An inquiry

conducted by the university and an investigation conducted by the

Office of Research Integrity found that Dr. Hiserodt deliberately and

knowingly falsified four figures and one table in two research grant

applications submitted to the National Institutes of Health, and

deliberately and knowingly fabricated a laboratory notebook to cover-

up the falsifications in the grant applications.  In reporting

research results on antigen recognition by natural killer cells, Dr.

Hiserodt falsely reported that a purportedly unique protein had a

molecular weight of 48 kilodaltons by altering photographs of

autoradiograms, falsely reported that this protein had been found in

human cells, falsely reported the results of a gene sequence in

response to questions raised by NIH grant reviewers about his

experimental findings, and fabricated a laboratory notebook to cover-

up the falsified research when questions about it were raised by

investigating officials.

Dr. Hiserodt has been debarred from receiving Federal grant or

contract funds for a period of five years beginning March 9, 1994.

In addition, any institution receiving PHS research support involving

Dr. Hiserodt must monitor the accuracy of his research for an

additional two-year period following the five-year debarment (for a

total period of seven years) beginning March 9, 1999.  He has also

been prohibited from serving on PHS Advisory Committees or review

groups for seven years beginning February 25, 1994.  Dr. Hiserodt is

also required to request correction of the article "The Expression

and Functional Involvement of Laminin-like Molecules in Non-MHC

Restricted Cytotoxicity by Human Leu-19+/CD3-Natural Killer

Lymphocytes," Journal of Immunology, Vol. 141, 3318-23, 1988, to

indicate that Figure 2 in the article may not be relied upon.


The Office of Research Integrity will continue to publish findings of

scientific misconduct as further cases are closed.  For further

information, contact:


Division of Research Investigations

Office of Research Integrity

5515 Security Lane, Suite 700

Rockville, MD  20852

Telephone:  (301) 443-5330


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