NIH GUIDE, Volume 22, Number 44, December 10, 1993


P.T. 34


  Monoclonal Antibodies 

  Proteins and Macromolecules 

  Biological Resources 

National Cancer Institute

This is a resolicitation of the above subject Master Agreement

Announcement.  Existing Master Agreement holders need not reapply.

This project was originally synopsized as a Master Agreement

Announcement under NCI-CM-27731.  The National Cancer Institute

(NCI), Division of Cancer Treatment (DCT), Biological Resources

Branch (BRB), is soliciting proposals to prepare preclinical and

clinical grade immunoconjugates of monoclonal antibodies, antibody

fragments, peptides, and/or other genetically engineered targeting

molecules that are linked to chelating agents.  The NCI will provide

purified monoclonal antibodies, antibody fragments, or other

targeting molecules to the contractor for chemical conjugation of

chelating agents that will bind specific radionuclides for imaging

and/or therapy.  The Offeror will use procedures that have either

appeared in the peer reviewed literature or protocols that have been

developed by the NCI and will be supplied to the Offeror.  In

addition, proprietary technology developed by the Offeror to prepare

the desired immunoconjugates would also be considered.  These

immunoconjugates will be used to prepare radioimmunoconjugates for

both preclinical and clinical applications.  All synthetic and

purification procedures will be performed under Good Laboratory

Procedures (GLP) and/or Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).  It is

anticipated that the Offeror will be required to prepare

approximately 50 to 1000 mg of each immunoconjugate.  The Offeror

will evaluate these immunoconjugates for purity, stability,

immunoactivity, and other criteria specified by the NCI.

One or more awards may be made to qualified offerors responding the

MAA.  A Master Agreement (MA) is the instrument issued to sources who

respond to a Master Agreement Announcement, and who are judged to be

qualified to compete for future orders issued under the general

project area or areas described in the MA.  MAs are competitively

negotiated and awarded to more than one organization.  This type of

agreement is designed to accomplish highly circumscribed pieces of

work as promptly as possible.  The MAs that will be awarded under

this MAA will not be funded per se.  After award, MA Holders will be

invited to propose on MA Orders (MAOs) as they are issued.  An MAO is

a bilateral award document issued to an MA Holder who successfully

competed for requirements described in an MAO RFP.  Individual MAOs

will be issued on either a completion or term (level of effort)

basis, whichever is deemed appropriate by the Contracting Officer.


MAA NCI-CM-47017-37 is now available.  Responses will be due by

3:30pm, January 28, 1994.  Copies of the RFP may be obtained by

sending a written request to:

Mrs. Patricia Lightner

Research Contracts Branch

National Cancer Institute

Executive Plaza South, Room 603

Bethesda, MD  20892


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