NIH GUIDE, Volume 22, Number 32, September 3, 1993


P.T. 34


  Computer Science 

  Information Science/Systems 

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

The overall objective of this contract is to analyze, evaluate, design,

program, test, implement, document, maintain, and enhance National

Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) mainframe and microcomputer

applications and systems.  Offerors will be required to present plans

detailing the technical approaches, procedures, and time schedules for

accomplishing these objectives.  Nine new mainframe and microcomputer

applications and systems will be developed.  In order to develop these

nine systems, the following five stages will be completed by the

Contractor:  (1) Analysis; (2) Evaluation; (3) Design/Specification,

(4) Programming, and (5) Testing/Implementation.

Fifteen mainframe and microcomputer applications and systems will be

maintained and enhanced.  Maintenance and enhancements will include,

but are not limited to, the following:  (1) enhancement of current

utilities to meet new information requirements of users as well as

those of the NHLBI; (2) assurance that the database is valid and

accurate and is utilized as the official NHLBI database; (3) review and

update of the system, sub-systems, reports, and user documentation as

required; (4) addition of new sub-systems and utilities as requirements

demand; and (5) maintenance and enhancement will be performed to

accommodate changes made by the Division of Research Grants and the

Division of Computer Research Technology, NHLBI reorganizations, end of

fiscal year changes, interfaces to and with new internal and external

systems, requests for new data elements or information based on user

needs, new reporting and monitoring requirements, support of new

scientific initiatives, and integration of new data sources and

technology.  It is anticipated that 14 full-time equivalents will be

required for the successful completion of the study.  This announcement

is not a request for proposals (RFP).  It is anticipated that RFP No.

NHLBI-HO-94-01 will be available on or about September 20, 1993, with

proposals due on November 10, 1993.


To receive a copy of the RFP, submit a written request along with three

self-addressed mailing labels to:

Joanne C. Deshler

Division of Lung Diseases, Contracts Operations Branch

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Westwood Building, Room 654

Bethesda, Md  20892

This proposed program is a 100% set-aside for small business

competition.  Only responsible small business firms as defined in Part

19 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation are asked to respond to this

synopsis.  The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code is 7379.


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