NIH GUIDE, Volume 22, Number 30, August 20, 1993


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  Chemistry, Organic 

  Chemical Synthesis 

National Cancer Institute

The Drug Synthesis and Chemistry Branch (DS&CB) of the Developmental

Therapeutics Program (DTP) of the Division of Cancer Treatment (DCT)

of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is seeking Contractors with

established expertise in the field of synthesis of organic and

inorganic compounds to prepare those deemed of interest to the

program for evaluation as antitumor and AIDS-antiviral agents.  The

primary focus will be to synthesize samples of compounds, generally

identified from literature sources, that have been designated of

interest to the DTP drug development program and which are not

available from the original sources.  Compounds may be required for

either primary screening or follow-up testing in the anticancer

and/or anti-HIV programs.

Compounds assigned for synthesis will include, but not be limited to,

carbocycles, heterocycles typically containing nitrogen, oxygen, and

sulfur, carbohydrates, nucleosides, and metal coordination complexes.

Detailed experimental procedures obtained from the literature will be

available for the majority of the assignments.  Some development on

synthetic methods may be required in those cases where no such

procedures are available or when the published methods prove

unreliable in practice.

The quantities of compounds to be prepared will vary widely, but will

usually be in the range from 0.1 to 5 grams.  All synthesized

compounds submitted to the DS&CB (at least 15 to 20 target compounds

per year per contract) will be characterized as to identity and


Each Contractor must have available a fully operational facility

including all necessary equipment and instrumentation needed to

perform for all aspects of the contract.

The NCI signs legally binding agreements with some suppliers (often

pharmaceutical or chemical companies) which state that all

information on compounds donated by those suppliers will be held

confidential.  The occasion may arise whereby the successful offeror

will be assigned such a confidential compound as a synthesis or

modification target.  If the Contractor were a chemical

pharmaceutical company, they could gain valuable data on confidential

new lead compounds.  The NCI believes that in order to honor the

confidentiality agreement with suppliers and in order to avoid any

chance of transmitting privileged data to a competitor,

pharmaceutical and chemical companies must be excluded from the

competition.  A pharmaceutical or chemical company is defined as an

organization which sells drugs and/or chemicals to the general public

for profit.

NOTE:  Two related RFPs are currently available.  It is anticipated

that multiple incrementally funded contracts will be awarded for a

period of five years beginning on or about September 1, 1994.  RFP

No. NCI-CM-47007-29, Resynthesis of Compounds for Screening, is an

open competition.  RFP No. NCI-CM-47015-29, Resynthesis of Compounds

for Screening by Small Business, is a 100% set-aside for small

business.  The Standard Industrial Code (SIC) for the small business

set-aside is 8731 (500 employees).

Offerors who qualify as a small business are encouraged to submit

proposals under both RFPs; however, not more than one award of the

available awards (under both RFPs) will be made to any single

offering organization.


These projects represent a recompetition of contracts with New Mexico

State University, N01-CM-17528, Research Triangle Institute,

N01-CM-17568, and Starks Associates, N01-CM-17517.  Both RFPs will be

issued on or about September 20, 1993.  Proposals will be due on

November 5, 1993.  Requests for the RFP may be made by written

request to:

Clyde Williams, Contracting Officer

Research Contracts Branch, TCS

National Cancer Institute

Executive Plaza South, Room 603

Bethesda, MD  20892

Telephone:  (301) 496-8620

Collect calls will not be accepted.


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