NIH GUIDE, Volume 22, Number 25, July 16, 1993

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National Center for Research Resources

The Biomedical Research Technology Program, National Center for

Research Resources (NCRR), is now making available a new release of

its low-cost PROPHET information management, analysis, and

visualization package.  With a vastly improved graphical user

interface, you can choose commands from pull-down menus, provide

information through dialogue boxes tailored for each task, and

readily invoke a variety of analysis tools.  The new graphical

interface is a dynamic window environment with full color, multiple

fonts, and multi-object screen management.  PROPHET can increase

research productivity because it runs on powerful networked

workstations, and its graphical interface provides easy access to the

system's extensive capabilities.

The PROPHET software package is fully documented, engineered, and

supported by scientific software professionals.  PROPHET offers the

following features for biomedical scientists:

o  Spreadsheet-style data entry and organization

o  Clinical study data management

o  Statistical and mathematical modeling

o  Detailed two-dimensional graphs (scatterplots, histograms,

bargraphs, and boxplots)

o  Biological simulation and modeling

o  Molecular modeling and display

o  Nucleic acid and protein sequence manipulation, analysis, and


o  Developing custom applications via a high-level programming

language and debugger

o  Interfaces to Ingres, SAS, Genbank, and PIR Protein Sequence


o  On-line system with integrated text and graphics

o  Hotline and electronic mail support

Scientists at universities, research centers, hospitals, government

laboratories, and commercial facilities use PROPHET in many

disciplines including:

o  Clinical research

o  Molecular Biology

o  Biochemistry

o  Chemistry

o  Immunology

o  Biology

o  Pharmacology

o  Microbiology

o  Physiology

o  Biomedical Engineering

o  Epidemiology

o  Oncology

PROPHET is currently available on UNIX and ULTRIX workstations with

Motif, OpenLook, and DECwindows windowing systems.  These

workstations include Sun-4, SPARCstation, and DECstation 5000.

Additional ports and continuing enhancements are planned.


For further information, contact:

Dr. Richard DuBois

Biomedical Research Technology Program

National Center for Research Resources

Westwood Building, Room 8A-15

Bethesda, MD  20892

Telephone:  (301) 594-7934


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