NIH Guide, Volume 22, Number 16, April 23, 1993



National Institutes of Health

On March 26, 1993, 594 became the telephone exchange for all telephones

located in the Westwood Building.  The 594 exchange is a new exchange

in the Washington metropolitan area.  Telephone companies, inter-

exchange carriers (AT&T, MCI), and private branch exchange (PBX)

providers across the country were notified to make programming changes

to their systems.  These changes would permit the systems to:  (1)

recognize the new telephone exchange and (2) route calls with the new

exchange to the correct geographic area.  Unfortunately, some PBX

vendors did not make the required programming changes.  As a result,

callers trying to reach NIH staff located in the Westwood Building by

dialing (301) 594-nnnn may be routed to Baltimore or some other

geographic areas where the 594 exchange has been used for many years.

If you experience problems reaching an NIH employee on the 594

exchange, check with your PBX vendor to ensure that the required

software changes were made to accommodate the new exchange.  If you do

not know who your PBX vendor is, notify the NIH Telecommunications

Branch at (301) 402-9935.  In the meantime, if you have trouble using

the 594 exchange, dial the NIH Operator at (301) 496-4000 to have your

call forwarded.


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