NIH Guide, Volume 22, Number 15, April 16, 1993


P.T. 34


  Environmental Health 



National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

The purpose of this project is to obtain detailed chemical disposition

data from approximately three to five studies per year of selected

environmental contaminants or model compounds per year.  Most of these

studies will be required in laboratory rats and/or mice; however, some

studies may be required in other laboratory animals (rodents or dogs).

Offerors should note that in year one and in subsequent years, most

studies will involve rats (Fisher 344) and/or mice (B6C3F1).  For

costing purposes offerors are to include costs for one study using

purebred beagle dogs purchased from a commercial breeder of laboratory

animals in year one, only.  In addition, an estimated one study per

year may be required to investigate the comparative metabolism of

chemicals in human and rat liver slices in vitro.  Most studies will

address the disposition of organic chemicals or environmental

contaminants; however, studies of inorganic compounds may also be

requested.  Individual studies may vary in complexity from preliminary

investigations of chemical absorption to detailed studies of all phases

of chemical disposition, toxicokinetics, and metabolism.  The immediate

goal of these studies is to determine more accurately the doses for NTP

bioassay studies.  The long-range goal is the accumulation of data what

will permit a better assessment of structure-activity relationships

chemical absorption, metabolism and disposition in laboratory animals

and in liver slices in vitro and to better interpret the significance

of these data to man.  This project will cover a five year period.  The

Government estimates that the project will require approximately 1.5

professional person years and 3.0 technical person years per contract



Requests should reference RFP No. NIH-ES-93-27 and are to be forwarded


Marilyn B. Whaley, Contract Specialist

Contracts and Procurement Management Branch, OM

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

79 T.W. Alexander Drive, 4401 Building

P.O. Box 12874

Research Triangle Park, NC  27709

Telephone:  (919) 541-0416

FAX:  (919) 541-2712


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