NIH GUIDE, Volume 22, Number 8, February 26, 1993

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National Institutes of Health

Public Health Service (PHS) form 5152-1, Notice of Grant Award (NGA),

was revised last year (7/92), and all Public Health Service agencies

will use the revised form for all awards issued as of October 1,

1992.  For a short time, some awards issued by the National

Institutes of Health (NIH) will appear on the old form; these are

valid awards.

The major change that NIH grantees will notice due to the use of the

new form is that the NGA will provide a cumulative record of all

transactions affecting the particular budget period.  As a result,

the award will indicate the "amount of financial assistance this

action" on line d in block 12, in addition to the total "amount of

PHS financial assistance" for the budget period on line a of block


For example, if an administrative or competitive supplement is issued

to a parent award, the NGA will show the "amount of financial

assistance this action" (the amount of the supplement), but will also

show the total "amount of PHS financial assistance" for this award

for the current budget period (the total of the parent plus the

supplement).  Furthermore, the budget breakdown by category in block

11 on the NGA will reflect the breakdown for the total financial

assistance (parent grant plus supplement), not the amount of this

action (the supplement).  The budget period for supplements will be

that of the parent grant, unless the purpose of the supplement is to

extend the budget period end date.  When necessary for clarification,

an informational footnote on the award will identify the categorical

breakdown of the supplemental funds and the start date of the


It is important to note that if an award is being revised to decrease

the amount of funds, such as a decrease in the indirect costs, then

the "amount of financial assistance this action" will be a negative

figure.  An informational footnote will accompany the NGA to explain

the reason for the revision.

There are several other changes that should not pose a problem for

recipients, but are useful to point out.

o  CFDA Codes:  The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)

codes will be provided in block 2.  These codes are needed for the

Schedule of Federal Awards required under an Office of Management and

Budget Circular A-133 audit.

o  Program Income:  The treatment of general program income, which in

the past has appeared as an informational footnote, will now appear

in Block 15 on the NGA, which lists the different options for

treatment.  The letter that appears in the box indicates the

treatment for the purposes of that particular award.  If disposition

of general program income is not specified on the award, or for more

information, see the PHS Grants Policy Statement, pp. 8-10 and 8-11

(revised 9/1/91).

o  Indirect Costs:  Block 11, line r of the new NGA includes the

information on calculation of indirect costs.  Due to space

constraints in that block, most NIH awards will have the calculation

of indirect costs shown in the Remarks section of the NGA.

o  Institutional Training Grants:  For NIH institutional training

grants, a footnote below line v in block 11 will indicate the number

of pre-doctoral, post-doctoral, and short-term trainees for the

current budget period.  The information on the number of trainees

recommended for each future budget period will be provided as an

attachment to the NGA.


If you have any questions regarding the new Notice of Grant Award

form, call the PHS awarding component directly.


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