NIH GUIDE, Volume 21, Number 28, August 7, 1992


P.T. 34


  Screening of Drugs/Agents 

  Cell Lines 

National Cancer Institute

Request for Proposals (RFP) Nos. NCI-CM-37821-12 (formerly

NCI-CM-37821-28) and NCI-CM-37830-12 will be issued upon written

request to Joyce Crooke, Contract Specialist, on or about August 7,

1992.  Proposals will be due on or about September 28, 1992.

A major objective of the Developmental Therapeutics Program (DTP),

Division of Cancer Treatment (DCT), National Cancer Institute (NCI), is

the testing for and evaluation of activity of compounds in in vitro

cell lines and in vivo tumor systems.  DTP is soliciting organizations

having the necessary experience, scientific and technical personnel,

and facilities to conduct in vivo testing of compounds that have

demonstrated in vitro activity against a battery of human tumor cell

lines.  Secondary in vivo testing is essential in order to confirm

activity of a compound and further define its specificity.  The studies

to be performed may require any or all of the following:  direct

on-site support at the Contractor's facility for in vitro expansion of

cell lines and initial in vivo assays utilizing rapid and sensitive

procedures; detailed follow-up in vivo studies; investigation into the

effect of formulation, treatment schedules, route of drug

administration, and site of tumor implantation on drug activity.  The

Contractor will be required to receive, maintain, and experimentally

use regular and/or athymic nude mice; propagate and maintain tumor

stock in vivo; prepare and administer test materials to tumor-bearing

and nontumor-bearing animals; monitor the quality of all tumor lines

and mice; determine test material activity; and report the results.

The Government will designate and supply the agents to be tested.  The

Contractor will be expected to provide all equipment and animal

facilities needed to conduct this type of work.  The following

Mandatory Qualification Criteria will apply:  (1) the Contractor may

not be a pharmaceutical or chemical firm since compounds of a

commercially confidential nature (discreet) may be evaluated; (2) since

structural formulae and other information on discreet compounds may be

included, Contractors must be willing to sign a confidentiality of

information statement.

RFP No. NCI-CM-37821-12, In Vivo Testing, is an open competition.  RFP

No. NCI-CM-37830-12, In Vivo Testing, is a 100 percent Set-Aside for

Small Business.  The Standard Industrial Code (SIC) is 8731.  Offerors

who qualify as a small business are encouraged to submit proposals

under both RFPs.  It is anticipated that a total of two

incrementally-funded, cost-reimbursement completion contracts will be

awarded between these RFPs with the contract period beginning on or

about June 1, 1993.  The contract period will be five years.


RFP requests are to be addressed to:

Joyce Crooke

Contract Specialist

National Cancer Institute

Executive Plaza South, Room 603

9000 Rockville Pike

Bethesda, MD  20892

Telephone:  (301) 496-8628

No collect calls will be accepted.


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