NIH GUIDE, Volume 22, Number 41, November 12, 1993


P.T. 34




National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID),

National Institutes of Health (NIH), supports the discovery,

preclinical, and clinical development of compounds to treat

infectious diseases.  The purpose of this solicitation is to provide

analytical and pharmaceutical support to the drug discovery effort in

the areas of analytical method development and quality control of

chemicals and pharmaceuticals.  Responsibilities of the contractor

will include:  characterization of the identity and purity of the

drug substance, preformulation determinations of compound solubility

and stability, analysis of pharmaceutical dosage forms, and

extensions of the analytical methodologies to the detection of the

drug in selected biological fluids.  The current contract will expire

on October 25, 1994.  This solicitation is to re-compete this effort.

A portion of the work under this contract may require use of a

laboratory in compliance with current Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

regulations, issued by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).  In

order to qualify for an award, the offeror must either have a

laboratory facility in compliance with GLP regulations or must

propose a subcontract with such a laboratory facility.  This is an

announcement for an anticipated Request for Proposal (RFP).  RFP NIH-

NIAID-DAIDS-95-04 was issued on November 1, 1993, and proposals will

be due by the close-of-business February 15, 1994.  It is anticipated

that one level-of-effort type cost-reimbursement contract will be

awarded for a five year period to carry out analytical method

development and pharmaceutical analysis of therapeutic agents and

dosage forms as a result of this solicitation.

A short-form version of the RFP will be available for informational

purposes, which includes the background information, full Statement

of Work and Evaluation Criteria, and the Reporting Requirements.

There is sufficient information in this document to enable

prospective offerors to determine if they have the

expertise/capability to meet the Government's requirements.  A full-

text version is also available, which includes all the necessary

information, business forms, etc., to submit a proposal.  There are a

limited number of full-text versions available.  Therefore, request

the short form RFP first, then the full-text version only if you

intend to submit a proposal.  Telephone inquiries will not be

honored.  Specify if you are requesting the short-form or full-text

version of the RFP (if no distinction is made, the short-form version

will be sent).  FAX responses are acceptable, but it is preferred

that requests be submitted in writing with two self-addressed mailing

labels attached to ensure proper delivery.  All proposals from

responsible sources will be considered by the NIAID.  This

advertisement does not commit the Government to award a contract.


Requests for the RFP are to be directed in writing to:

Mr. Bruce E. Anderson

Contract Management Branch

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Solar Building, Room 3C07

6003 Executive Boulevard

Bethesda, MD  20892

FAX:  (301) 402-0972


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