Notice to Update the Data Release Policy for the Molecular Libraries Program

Notice Number: NOT-RM-09-020

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Release Date: October 1, 2009

Issued by
National Institutes of Health (NIH), (


The purpose of this notice is to communicate the update to the NIH Molecular Libraries Program Data Sharing and Intellectual Property Policy  which allows a delay on late stage data release to coincide with the release of probe reports generated by the MLPCN centers.  This policy update is applicable to the Resource Sharing Plan and Sharing Research Data sections of the following three initiatives through which assays enter the Molecular Libraries Probe Production Centers Network (MLPCN): 


In the production phase of the Molecular Libraries Program (MLP), the Project Team has undertaken a rigorous process for standardizing and increasing the comprehensiveness and accuracy of probe reports, which provide information for the research community on the biological assay, the target or phenotype, and the chemical structures and uses of the probe compounds generated by the collaboration between the assay provider and the MLPCN center investigators. 

The Molecular Libraries Data Sharing Policy continues to allow for a 6-month embargo on the public release of probe reports in order for the MLPCN centers and assay providers to publish in peer-reviewed journals.  The update to this policy allows for a delay in the public release of late stage data which previously has been deposited immediately following confirmation into PubChem.  In the future, in accordance with the updated MLPCN Assay MTA , these data will be made available via PubChem at the same time as the public release of the probe report.  

Late stage data are defined as chemical structures and biological data generated after the screening hits have been validated.  Specifically, it refers to data generated in support of hit to probe optimization by the MLPCN Centers or by the Assay Provider, including the structures and biological activity of newly generated compounds.

This update will facilitate timely deposition and release of all assay data and afford the Assay Provider a period of ‘protected research time’ coincident with the embargo period for the probe report.

This revision does not alter the rapid release policy that is in place for deposition of HTS assay and all hit validation assay data (which also includes all relevant assays done in dose-response format) in PubChem nor does it replace the required submission of a formal request for exceptional circumstances to NIH for a ninety day delay in data deposition to PubChem to allow patenting as specified in the MLP Data Sharing and Intellectual Property Policy.


For further information regarding this Notice as it relates PAR-09-129, Solicitation of Assays for High Throughput Screening (HTS) in the Molecular Libraries Probe Production Centers Network (MLPCN) (R03), please contact:

Yong Yao, Ph.D.
NIH Roadmap Molecular Libraries Program
Division of Neuroscience and Basic Behavioral Science
National Institute of Mental Health
6001 Executive Boulevard, Room 7175, MSC 9641
Bethesda, MD 20892-964
Telephone: (301) 443-6102

For further information regarding this Notice as it relates to PAR-08-024, Assay Development for High Throughput Molecular Screening or NOT-RM-09-011, Notice of Opportunity for Fast Track Entry of Assay Projects for High Throughput Screening into the NIH Roadmap Molecular Libraries Probe Production Centers Network, please contact:

Mark Scheideler, Ph.D.
Senior Scientific Officer
Program Director, Roadmap Initiatives
Technology Development, NINDS
National Institutes of Health
6001 Executive Blvd., Room 2107
Rockville, MD 20852 (Express Mail)
Bethesda, MD 20892-9527 (Regular Mail)  
Telephone: (301) 496-1779

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