Voluntary Institutional Support Guidelines: Clinical and Translational Science Award support for KL2 scholars, RFA-RM-09-004

Notice Number: NOT-RM-09-017

Key Dates
Release Date: August 11, 2009

Issued by
National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) ( http://www.ncrr.nih.gov )


Voluntary Institutional Support Guidelines for CTSA KL2 Awardees:

The NCRR understands and acknowledges the interest of the CTSA institutions to use institutional funds to supplement the salaries of scholars participating in KL2 grant program. Although NCRR neither encourages nor requires institutions to do so, effective immediately, institutions may supplement salaries of their KL2 scholars under the following conditions:

  • KL2 scholar salaries must be established in a manner commensurate with the established salary structure at the institution, and with salaries actually provided by the institution from its own funds to other staff members of equivalent qualifications, rank, and responsibilities.
  • At least seventy-five percent effort of a full-time position must continue to be dedicated to the KL2 activity (with exceptions as noted in the RFA) regardless of the source(s) of salary funding. The fact that a department may fund a portion of the scholar's salary can in no case require the scholar to redirect effort toward Departmental priorities outside of those directed to the research and career development activities of the KL2.
  • An institution may supplement no more than 50 percent of the scholar’s KL2 awarded salary support, and this supplementation is only allowable with nonfederal sources of funding.
  • Federal salaries cannot be considered as part of this commitment, as federal salaries are separate appointments that are not included in the institutional appointment or payroll distribution. As an example, scholars may NOT be supplemented with VA sources in a manner to meet the basic eligibility requirement of a KL2 (75 percent of a full-time appointment with the institution, which is separate from the VA position).
  • If institutional supplementation of KL2 scholars salaries results in an increase in available KL2 grant funds, additional scholars may be appointed to the KL2 over the recommended and approved numbers, provided the institution requests written prior approval to appoint the additional scholars. All written requests must be submitted from the Authorized Organizational Representative to the Grants Management official noted on the Notice of Award.
  • The institution's commitment of additional KL2 positions is to be maintained by the institution until the completion of the committed and approved career development of the candidate without the provision of additional funds by NCRR to maintain these commitments.
  • ALL KL2 scholars receiving any level of NCRR salary support must be accounted for/reported on the PHS 2590/Annual Progress Report.
  • Institutional commitments to share the cost of salary for KL2 scholars will be recognized as a term of award. Therefore, once an award is made, all plans proposed for institutions to supplement salaries become a commitment under the terms of the award.

Proposed scholars must meet the eligibility criteria specified in the RFA and the selection criteria specified in the grantee’s CTSA application. The NCRR program official and grants management specialist must be notified of any appointment changes within thirty days. An updated institutional scholar roster form listing all scholars receiving NIH/CTSA support must also accompany the appointment change notification.


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