Notice of Opportunity for Fast Track Entry of Assay Development Projects into the Roadmap Molecular Libraries Screening Center Network

Notice Number: NOT-RM-07-012

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Release Date:  August 15, 2007

Issued by
The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), (, on behalf of the Roadmap Molecular Libraries Initiative.

The purpose of this notice is to announce that the NIH is extending eligibility for a Fast Track Program by which Assay Projects designed for High Throughput Screening (HTS) can submit a request for access to the HTS resources of the Roadmap Molecular Libraries Screening Center Network (MLSCN). 

Background: The Roadmap Assay Development for High Throughput Screening (HTS) Program serves as a key incubator funding the development of assay projects for HTS that advance to the Molecular Libraries Screening Center Network (MLSCN;  The assays are then screened by a participating Network Center against the Molecular Libraries Small Molecule Repository (MLSMR;, and promising small molecule hits further developed as molecular probes.  Projects funded in the Assay Development Program are eligible for rapid entry into the MLSCN when completed, via a Fast Track request for screening requiring a technical review of projects by the Roadmap Molecular Libraries Project Team.  This technical review emphasizes project readiness and the need for probes to the proposed target.  Requests for MLSCN entry and screening are reviewed by the Project Team on a monthly basis, and upon approval are immediately assigned to a Network Screening Center for implementation.   A separate Program, Solicitation of Assays for HTS in the Molecular Libraries Screening Center Network (R03), independently accepts applications for the entry of HTS-ready projects into the MLSCN (see: 
Please Note:  A detailed description of the goals of the Assay Development for HTS (R21) Program, and the Fast Track process for acceptance of completed projects by the MLSCN, can be found in the latest funding announcement for the Program:

In the present notice, the NIH is extending this Fast Track pathway to MLSCN entry to NIH Investigator-initiated and Institute-sponsored projects and activities that similarly fund the development of assay projects for HTS.  To be eligible, a project should meet the goals of the Assay Development for HTS Program, and have embedded in its scientifically reviewed and funded aims the development of assays (primary, secondary and counter-screening) for use in a HTS project.  The HTS project plan employing these assays should be directed at the development of a unique molecular probe that can be used to explore biochemical, cellular and physiological function.  Potential applicants should reference the project development guidelines described in the latest Assay Development for HTS announcement:  This announcement describes the specific requirements for development of a HTS assay project that determine eligibility for Fast Track entry into the MLSCN.  It is important to note that Fast Track applications constitute a request for access to HTS resources of the MLSCN, and are not a request for direct funding.


Further information regarding eligibility for the Fast Track Program, and information on preparing requests for MLSCN entry, can be obtained by contacting Mark Scheideler, Ph.D., Program Director for the Roadmap Assay Development for HTS and Fast Track Programs, at the following email address:

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