Notice Regarding Added Language for Scored Review Criteria for the Evaluation and Planning Core for RFA-OH-23-003
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August 25, 2023

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  • October 27, 2022 - Occupational Safety and Health Education and Research Centers (T42). See NOFO RFA-OH-23-003.

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National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)


The purpose of this notice is to add language to Section V. Application Review Scored Review Criteria for the Evaluation and Planning Core to Funding Opportunity RFA-OH-23-003.  This language was inadvertently omitted from the published announcement.  Below is the Scored Review Criteria for the Evaluation and Planning Core.

Scored Review Criteria (Evaluation and Planning Core)
Reviewers will consider each of the review criteria below, as appropriate for the individual core, in the determination of scientific merit and provide an overall impact score for the component.

Does the proposed Evaluation and Planning Core have an appropriate and adequate administrative structure with an internal organization capable of planning, conducting, and evaluating ERC activities? Does the Core clearly delineate procedures and plans for center administration, planning and evaluation? Is a strategic plan outlined which identifies the short-term and long-term goals of the Center, and a well-defined process for implementing activities to achieve the goals set by the Center?  Is diversity, equity and inclusion included in the ERC's strategic plan? Does the administrative structure facilitate communication among the leaderships?

For Renewal Centers: 
Is there sufficient information provided describing how the Center has achieved the goals of the previous funding period and how the goals of the future years build on the past successes? Are there plans to make changes to improve program performance and incorporate feedback from current and former trainees (e.g., new mentors, changes in courses, recruitment strategies, etc.)? Does the renewal application describe the program accomplishments to date, including information on trainee publications, degree completion, and post-training positions? Does the applicant provide evidence of past success in interdisciplinary coordination?

Key Personnel  
Does the ERC leadership team have a successful track record in teaching and mentoring in occupational health and safety practice or research? Does the Advisory Board represent various stakeholders in occupational health and safety? Is there an active, qualified Executive Committee to assist the ERC Director with administrative activities, including recruitment and retention, outreach, evaluation, and resolving challenges?

Does the applicant seek to have an impact on worker health, safety and well-being by using novel approaches for ERC activities (interdisciplinary activities, teaching, research, continuing education, diversity recruitment and retention, and outreach)? Does the applicant describe unique, innovative approaches to recruit and retain underserved and underrepresented individuals to ERC programs? Has the applicant described innovative methods and approaches for training the next generation of safety and health practitioners and researcher?

Does the application describe an evaluation plan to review and determine the impact, quality, and effectiveness of the ERC activities, specifically, interdisciplinary activities, outreach, and diversity recruitment and retention?  Are there adequate overall plans for administration and management of the ERC to support all facets of the operation of the Center? Is the Center Director adequately supported and is there adequate management depth to provide long-term continuity of Center leadership? Are the plans for day-to-day management, allocation of funds and cooperative arrangements designed to effectively achieve the goals of an ERC? Are there plans for organizing and convening both an internal Executive Committee and an external Advisory Board to be actively engaged and provide appropriate and objective advice and evaluation regularly to the Center Director, and is an appropriate process proposed for responding to recommendations of the committee? Has the applicant described appropriate plans for attracting underserved and underrepresented individuals to the academic training programs and, more generally, to the field of occupational health and safety through other Center activities?

Are institutional facilities and resources available to the ERC’s trainees and key personnel? Is there evidence of institutional commitment to the goals of the ERC? Does the combined training and research environment support high quality, multidisciplinary interaction among the ERC components and other disciplines? Will the environment contribute to the probability of success for the ERC?


Please direct all inquiries to:

Elizabeth H. Maples, PhD, CIH
Scientific Program Official
Telephone: 404-498-2557