Changes in December 2016 Receipt Date and Application Types for PAR-15-353 "NIOSH Centers for Agricultural Safety and Health (U54)"

Notice Number: NOT-OH-17-001

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Release Date:  October 5, 2016

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Issued by
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)


This Notice informs interested applicants that the December 2016 receipt date changes to December 15 with the publication of this notice. Also, New and Resubmission applications will not be accepted for the December 15, 2016 receipt date.

December 2016 Receipt Date Changed to December 15, 2016

Effective with the publication of this notice, the December 2016 application receipt date is changed to December 15.

New and Resubmission Applications will not be Accepted for December 15, 2016 Receipt Date

A sufficient number of high-quality Center applications were received in FY2016 to allow NIOSH to fund 10 center applications. NIOSH committed all FY2016 program funds to support a broad-based extramural program that continues 9 established Centers and starts 1 new Center.

Sufficient funds to support applications for new Centers for Agricultural Safety and Health are not expected to be available in FY2017.

Consequently, NIOSH is announcing that New and Resubmission Center applications will not be accepted for the December 15, 2016 receipt date. Any such applications submitted for this receipt date will not be reviewed.

Only Revision applications (formerly known as competing supplements) from the 10 funded centers will be accepted for:

  • research projects that competed in FY2016 but were not funded; and
  • Pilot/feasibility research programs.

Centers must still adhere to the Research Core $850K annual direct cost cap and follow the relevant instructions provided in PAR-15-353. Page limits, review criteria, and funding limits stated in PAR-15-353 remain in effect.

Funding will be dependent on the number of meritorious applications received and available FY2017 funds.

Letters of Intent Requested by October 28, 2016
To allow NIOSH staff to estimate the review workload and plan the review, letters of intent are requested no later than October 28, 2016. Centers should include the following information:

  • Title for each proposed research project (including pilot/feasibility program);
  • Names, addresses, and telephone numbers for the Center Director and the principal investigators for each project;
  • Names of other key personnel;
  • Participating institution(s); and
  • PAR-15-353 NIOSH Centers for Agricultural Safety and Health (U54).

Centers are strongly encouraged to provide this information as soon as possible to:

  • Michael Goldcamp, PhD, Scientific Review Officer, at; (304) 285-5951.
  • Steve Dearwent, PhD, Scientific Program Official,; (404) 498-6382.

Application Receipt Date: November 30, 2017

A decision about the November 30, 2017 receipt date will be made after information is available on FY2018 budget allocations for Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing. If NIOSH decides not to accept applications for this FY2018 funding consideration, a notice will be published stating this decision.


Please direct inquiries to the following contacts.

Scientific/research Contact
Steve Dearwent, PhD
(404) 498-6382

Peer Review Contact
Michael Goldcamp, PhD
(304) 285-5951

Financial/Grants Management Contact
Christina Parks