Notice of Update for Part 2, Budget and Other Sections for Workers Compensation Surveillance, PAR-14-227

Notice Number: NOT-OH-14-007

Key Dates
Release Date: June 4, 2014

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Issued by
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)


The purpose of this NOTICE is to clarity information in Part 2, Section IV, V, VI and VII of the PAR as follows:

Section IV, Number 2 Instructions for Application Submission-
For the SF424R&R, the applicant should submit a detailed budget, and a budget justification for the initial budget period.

Section V, Number 1 Criteria
Scored Review Criteria
Investigator(s). The full text follows:
Are the PD/PIs, collaborators, and other researchers well suited to the project? Have they demonstrated an ongoing record of accomplishments that have advanced their field(s)? If the project is collaborative or multi-PD/PI, do the investigators have complementary and integrated expertise; are their leadership approach, governance and organizational structure appropriate for the project?

Section V, Number 2 Review and Selection Process
NIOSH Secondary Review. Format and typographical revision to the secondary review criteria follows:

  • Scientific and technical merit of proposed project as determined by scientific peer review.
  • Availability of funds.
  • Relevance of proposed project to program priorities.
  • Demonstrated ability of the state/applicant to collect quality and complete Workers Compensation data, such as first reports of injury (FROI).

Section VI, Number 3 Reporting
The final progress report will adhere to the NIOSH Closeout Report Guidance.

Section VII, Agency Contacts
Scientific/Research Contacts(s)
CAPT Steve Inserra
Telephone: 404-498-2552


Please direct all inquiries to:

CAPT Steve Inserra, MPH
Office of Extramural Programs, NIOSH
Telephone: 404-498-2552