NIH Offers Ability to Bypass 2-Business Day Application Viewing Window as an Option for Administrative Supplements
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October 26, 2022

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To expedite processing of eligible electronic administrative supplement requests, beginning October 27, 2022, NIH will offer an option to bypass the full standard 2-business day application viewing window that occurs after an error-free application is submitted to NIH. A signing official (SO) can access the bypass option through a new Verify action in eRA Commons Status. As a reminder, applicants are encouraged to discuss potential requests with the awarding institute or center prior to submission.

The application viewing window provides two full business days after application submission (date of submission does not count) for organizations to check the assembled application image for any assembly issues (e.g., missing attachment, garbled text) prior to the application moving forward for further agency processing. If additional changes are needed within this window, an organization SO can reject the application and submit a corrected application prior to the due date.

Although appropriate for competing applications, the application viewing window can cause unnecessary delays in the processing of administrative supplement applications. Bypassing the window will speed up the submission process for these applications.

The optional 'Verify' action to bypass the application viewing window for administrative supplement applications will be available to users with the SO role in eRA Commons Status beginning October 27, 2022. The Verify action moves an administrative supplement application forward for agency processing without waiting for the application viewing window to expire. Note that once this bypass option is used, the SO forfeits the organization’s ability to reject or make further changes to the application. Organizations must carefully review their applications prior to using the Verify action to mitigate the need for resubmissions.

After the SO verifies they want to bypass the viewing window, NIH will automatically forward the request to the appropriate grants management and program staff for consideration.

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