This Notice has been RESCINDED as of 02/23/2023. Please see NOT-OD-23-086 which replaces it.


RESCINDED - Updated Process for Requesting Drawdowns Outside of the Liquidation Period
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July 8, 2021

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This notice updates guidance issued in NOT-OD-21-102 and provides the process for requesting payments from the HHS Payment Management System (PMS) after the 120-day liquidation period.

A recipient may request payments from PMS up to 120 days past the period of performance end date of the PMS subaccount (e.g. award document number in Section I of the Notice of Award). Per the NIH Grants Policy Statement (NIHGPS), a term and condition of every NIH award, recipients must submit timely, accurate grant expenditure reports, and reconcile cash transaction reports submitted to the PMS with expenditure reports submitted to NIH.

Recipients are expected to request payments within the 120-day liquidation period. However, there may be circumstances where recipients are unable to complete drawdowns in a timely manner. In such cases, the recipient must follow the process below:

  • Prior to submitting the payment request in PMS, submit a prior approval request to the IC Grants Management Specialist listed in the Notice of Award. The request must provide the PMS subaccount (e.g. award document number), NIH grant number, the amount of funds being requested, and a justification for the late payment request. The recipient must also describe what action is being taken by the recipient to preclude similar situations in the future.
  • The IC will review the request and if it is determined that the justification is adequate, will notify the recipient of the approval.
  • Once approved, the recipient may submit the payment request in PMS. NIH will notify PMS of the approval, and the payment will be processed.

Requests will be reviewed and considered on a case-by-case basis. Recipients remain responsible for ensuring that information submitted to NIH in Federal Financial Reports (FFR) is accurate, complete, and consistent with the recipient's accounting system (see NIHGPS Section When submitting the FFR through PMS, the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) or the individual designated to submit this report on behalf of their institution, certifies that the information in the FFR is correct and complete and that all outlays and obligations are for the purposes set forth in grant documents, and represents a claim to the Federal government.


Please direct all inquiries to:

Please direct all inquiries to:

Division of Grants Policy
Office of Policy for Extramural Research Administration (OPERA)
Office of Extramural Research
Telephone: 301-435-0949

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