Error-Correction Window Extended for Electronic Applications Intended for Submission Deadlines On and Between January 25 and May 7, 2010

Notice Number: NOT-OD-10-042

Update: The following update relating to this announcement has been issued:

  • May 3, 2010 - See Notice NOT-OD-10-088 Reminder: NIH/AHRQ/NIOSH/FDA Return to a Two-day “Error Correction Window” for Grant Applications Effective May 8, 2010.
  • January 21, 2010 - See Notice NOT-OD-10-050 Clarification on the Extended Error Correction Window and Format of the Research Strategy Section for Restructured Applications Intended for Due Dates on or After January 25, 2010.
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Release Date:  January 8, 2010

Issued by
National Institutes of Health (NIH),
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ),
Center for Disease Control and Prevention/National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, (CDC)
U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA),

This notice supersedes NOT-OD-08-018.

NIH, AHRQ, FDA and CDC are temporarily extending the electronic application error correction window (the time allowed after the submission deadline to correct errors/warnings identified by the eRA system) to five business days for all electronic applications intended for submission deadlines on and between January 25, 2010 and May 7, 2010.  The temporary five day window is being used to accommodate the January 25 transition to new application forms and instructions, part of the implementation of the NIH “Enhancing Peer Review” initiative. 

During the initial phase of the transition, multiple application form versions will be available, increasing the possibility that applicants could inadvertently use the wrong forms.  Because applications submitted on incorrect forms will not be reviewed, the extension of the error correction window provides additional time for those applications to be re-worked.    

Given the number of changes being introduced with the January 25 transition and the cyclical nature of the error correction process, applicants are encouraged to correct any errors and submit their re-worked application as quickly as possible to ensure that the submission process is completed within the allotted time.    

Applicants who submit using incorrect forms or who exceed the new page limits will need to take advantage of the error correction window and take appropriate, corrective actions to complete the submission process. Detailed instructions and additional information on how to re-work the application for successful submission can be found in the Special FAQ section of the NIH eSubmission Website.

The overall process for using the error correction window remains the same.

  • Applicants that submit on-time (i.e., by 5:00 p.m. local time on application due date) and receive a tracking number are eligible to use the error correction window and correct their eRA-identified errors and warnings in the 5 business days following the submission deadline. Applicants must complete the submission process within this window for further consideration.
  • The AOR/institution is expected to enforce that application changes made within the window are restricted to those necessary to address system-identified errors/warnings. NIH may reject any application that includes additional changes.
  • Proof of “on time” submission (e.g., timestamp & tracking number OR help desk ticket number with information verifying system issue outside your control) and description of all changes made within the window must be documented in the PHS 398 Cover Letter component of the application

The five-day error correction window is temporary.   The regular two-day error correction window will go back into effect for submissions intended for due dates on or after May 8, 2010.  
Remember: Applicants who experience problems with or the eRA Commons that threaten the timely submission of their application or the ability to obtain the tracking number and timestamp necessary to verify on-time submission should follow the directions and adhere to the policies outlined on the “Need Assistance?” page of the NIH eSubmission Website.


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