Error Correction Window Extended for Electronic Submission of NIH Opportunities with Due Dates Between May 20 and May 29, 2009

Notice Number: NOT-OD-09-104

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Release Date: May 29, 2009

Issued by
National Institutes of Health (NIH), (

This notice supersedes NOT-OD-09-103

NIH is extending the two day error correction window for opportunities with submission deadlines between May 20 and May 29, 2009 to Friday June 5, 2009 due to eRA Commons system downtime.

This extension applies to funding opportunities with the standing receipt deadline of May 25 (which, because of the Federal holiday, fell on May 26) for the following activity codes: R18/U18, R25, C06, UC6, G07, G08, G11, G13, G20, S11, S21, S22, SC1, SC2, and SC3, as well as for the specific funding opportunity announcements listed by due date below:

May 20: RFA-EB-09-001; PAR-06-504; PAR-07-345; PAR-08-102
May 21: PAR-08-215; PAR-08-216; PAR-08-248; PAR-08-249; PAR-09-016
May 22: PAR-06-520; PAR-06-521; PAR-07-086; PAR-07-416; PAR-08-010
May 25: PAR-07-018, PAR-07-019, PAR-07-020; PAR-08-145

May 27: RFA-CA-09-004; RFA-CA-09-005; RFA-CA-09-006; RFA-CA-09-007; RFA-CA-09-008; RFA-RM-09-003

May 28: PAR-07-342; PAR-08-158; PAR-08-222
May 29: RFA-OD-09-004; RFA-HL-09-001

The lengthened extension of the correction window should allow applicants sufficient time to correct system identified errors or warnings following on-time submission.

  • Applicants that submit on-time (i.e., by 5:00 p.m. local time on application due date) and receive a tracking number must correct their system identified errors and warnings within the correction window. Applicants submitting for the select opportunities listed above must complete the submission process by the date associated with the FOA for further consideration.
  • The AOR/institution is expected to enforce that application changes made within the window are restricted to those necessary to address system-identified errors/warnings. NIH may reject any application that includes additional changes.
  • Proof of on time submission (e.g., timestamp & tracking number OR help desk ticket number with information verifying system issue outside your control) and description of all changes made within the window must be documented in PHS 398 Cover Letter component of the application


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