Reminder: All R03, R21, R21/R33, R33 and R34 Grant Applications Must Use SF424 (R&R) and for the June 1, 2006, Submission Date and Beyond

Notice Number: NOT-OD-06-068

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Release Date: May 4, 2006

Issued by
National Institutes of Health (NIH), (
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ),

The purpose of this Notice is to remind the research community that the R03, R21, R21/R33, R33, and R34 grant programs will transition to electronic submission of the SF424 (R&R) form through for applications intended for the June 1, 2006, submission date and beyond. ALL applications in response to announcements for these grant programs must be submitted electronically (i.e., paper-based PHS 398 applications will not be accepted). Applications that were first submitted in paper and are being resubmitted as amended applications must now use electronic submission via using the SF424 (R&R) forms. 

NIH staff continue to review all active R03, R21, R21/R33, R33 and R34 funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) and, if appropriate, will reissue these with new instructions for submitting applications electronically. Some FOAs have been expired as NIH Institutes and Centers (ICs) have decided to either use the parent announcement or discontinue the use of the mechanism. There are a number of active R03, R21, R21/R33, R33, and R34 announcements that have not yet been updated to reflect the new electronic submission process.  Effective immediately, all remaining R03, R21, R21/R33, R33, and R34 announcements that have not been updated are expired. Potential applicants are encouraged to check individual IC web sites for continuing interest in the research requested by the expiring FOA and the availability of these mechanisms.

Note: Announcements that include multiple mechanisms (e.g., R01, R03, R21) for receipt deadlines of June 1, 2006, and beyond will remain active ONLY for mechanisms that have not yet transitioned to electronic submission (e.g., R01).  (See timeline.) 

If you are responding to an announcement for an R03, R21 or R34 grant program and an updated announcement is not available, please use one of the “parent” announcements below as applicable, or contact the IC that issued the specific expired FOA for guidance.  Please reference the specific expired FOA in the “PHS398 Cover Letter File” of your electronic application. 

PA-06-180  NIH Small Research Grant Program (Parent R03)
PA-06-181  NIH Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Program (Parent R21)
PA-06-363  NIH Clinical Trial Planning Grant Program (R34)

Please note that not all ICs participate in these parent announcements; therefore contacting the IC is particularly important in these cases. 

The following resources continue to be available for assistance in the electronic submission of grant applications to NIH/AHRQ through

General Information: Customer Support
Phone: 800-518-4726
Hours: M-F 7:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. ET

eRA Service Desk
Phone: 301-402-7469 or 866-504-9552 (Toll Free)
TTY: 301-451-5939
Hours: M-F 7:00 a.m.– 8:00 p.m


Inquiries regarding this Notice should be directed to:

Grants Info
Office of Extramural Research
National Institutes of Health
Phone: 301-945-7573
TTY: 301-451-5936