Release Date:  March 15, 2001

NOTICE:  NOT-NR-01-002

National Institute of Nursing Research


The National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) announces the availability of 
funds to administratively supplement postdoctoral slots of existing National 
Institutes of Health (NIH) Institutional (T32) National Research Service Awards 
(NRSA) on any topic which includes genetics or genomics for the research training 
of doctorally prepared registered nurses (RN).  In an effort to expand the 
research training of nurse scientists in scientific areas which encompass genetics 
or genomics, NINR will consider requests from current NIH Program Directors of 
T32s supported by any NIH Institute or Center (IC) for the preparation of 
postdoctoral fellows.  This administrative supplement builds on NINR’s ongoing 
efforts to increase the interface of nursing research with biological and 
molecular sciences and genetics.  In addition, this administrative supplement is a 
creative opportunity for clinical and basic science disciplines to enhance their 
programs of research training by incorporating nursing science into their 
curricula while educating doctorally prepared nurses about genetics/genomics.  The 
success of this initiative will be measured in subsequent years by evaluating the 
ability of nurse researchers who participate in this program to develop programs 
of nursing research using information from fields of genetics/genomics.

The purpose of this administrative supplement is to offer an alternative 
postdoctoral training experience for beginning RN investigators and newly awarded 
doctorally prepared RNs to study in any scientific or academic field that includes 
the disciplines of genetics or genomics.  As with the selection of postdoctoral 
slots on any NIH T32, the T32 Program Director chooses the candidate for a 
postdoctoral position.  Once the T32 Program Director has selected the RN as a 
postdoctoral candidate for the T32, the T32 Program Director submits an 
application for an administrative supplement to NINR for funding of this 
additional postdoctoral research training position.  

This NOTICE suggests four approaches for the doctorally prepared nurse and T32 
Program Director to meet each other and dialogue about postdoctoral opportunities:  

1) The postdoctoral RN candidate contacts the NIH T32 Program Director directly to 
discuss the opportunity of funding via this administrative supplement.  The 
following CRISP web site will assist the doctorally prepared RN candidate in 
locating the names of Program Directors of NIH T32s in an area of interest  -  Use genetic for the Search Term and trainee (T) as the 
Activity.  The following example is fictitious but is provided to show the content 
of what can be found on this website:

T32 AG01234  Neurological Exploration of Cognitive Impairment; University of 
Bethlehem, Bethlehem, PA: Program Director: Dr. Jane Doe; NIH IC – NIA.

2) The NIH T32 Program Director contacts a postdoctoral RN candidate directly.  

3) The NIH T32 Program Director can contact schools of nursing for names of 
candidates for the additional postdoctoral slot.  T32 research training programs 
with a component in genetics/genomics whose scientific targeted areas include 
reproductive health, hemodynamic control, child development, conduct disorders, 
gerontology, exercise maintenance, chronic diseases, or ethics are examples of 
topics important to and of interest to the postdoctoral research training of 
doctorally prepared RN.  Three websites are cited which contain information to 
provide the T32 Program Director with a potential source of postdoctoral RN 
The following website contains a list of 
current NINR supported T32s.  In addition, the subsequent website provides 
information on NINR research mechanisms, NINR research training opportunities, and 
linkages with NINR funded center programs  
The third website contains a list of currently funded NINR research projects 
indexed by scientific area  

4) School of nursing faculty can communicate with their colleagues in departments 
outside of nursing to suggest potential postdoctoral fellows to take advantage of 
this research training opportunity.  


Budget/Administrative Issues

This notice will be active for a three-year period, FY 2001 through and including 
FY 2003.  For each fiscal year, funding will be available for approximately five 
to ten new postdoctoral slots on existing NIH T32s.  The number of slots awarded 
will depend on funds available.  NINR will award out years of approved slots via 
the noncompetitive T32 award based on availability of funds and satisfactory 
scientific progress.

This administrative supplement will support postdoctoral level stipends and other 
training costs according to the current NRSA guidelines, “NIH National Research 
Service Award Institutional Research Training Grants”, PA-00-103, June 1, 2000, 
available at   Funds to 
support trainee travel to attend scientific meetings should be similar to the 
travel awarded for other postdoctoral fellows on the parent T32.                                     

Every administrative supplement application submitted will be assigned to an NINR 
Program Director, who will then be the primary contact from NINR for the applicant 
regarding programmatic issues and the status of the application.  The NINR Program 
Director will be assigned on the basis of the content of the application and will 
be asked to establish contact with the applicant.


An original and two copies of the administrative supplement application must be 
received no later than June 15 of each year in order to be considered eligible for 
funding in that fiscal year.  Rolling applications are encouraged throughout the 
year.   Supplements may not exceed the stated award period of the T32 NRSA.  T32s 
that would require or be in the status of no-additional-cost extension during the 
supplement period will not be eligible for supplementation.  Administrative 
supplements may not alter the scope of the T32.  

The following must be submitted:

1) Information about the postdoctoral candidate:  A one-two page description 
including name; education, training/ employment (biosketch); career goals of 
the fellowship training; sponsor name and a 250 word or less abstract of the 
research proposal. 

2) A letter of support from the Program Director of the T32 for this postdoctoral 
RN candidate which includes an outline of the specific candidate’s training 
plan with respect to the T32 and a statement that the postdoctoral fellow will 
participate in all aspects of the training program.

3) Application Face Page (PHS 398 – Rev. 4/98).  Please type the T32 grant number 
in the space provided in the upper right-hand corner of the page.  Also, type 

4) 4) Detailed Budget for Initial Budget Period – Direct Costs Only (NRSA 
Substitute Page) (Form Page 4) (PHS 398 – Rev. 4/98).  Please enter the 
appropriate Stipend amount for the proposed post-doctoral trainee; tuition and 
fees for specific courses related to the training experience; self or family 
health insurance; trainee travel (up to $800 maximum); and training-related 

The PHS 398 application form is available at the following website:

The T32 Program Director is asked to submit a signed typewritten original of the 
application and two signed photocopies to:

Ms. Robin L. Gruber
Program Analyst
National Institute of Nursing Research
Building 45, Room Number 3AN-12, MSC 6300
Bethesda, MD  20892-6300


Applications will undergo program, grants management, and budget review within 
NINR.  NINR program staff will contact the NIH IC Program Officer of the ongoing 
T32 to discuss the fit of the supplement within the scope of the ongoing T32 AND 
willingness of the IC to accept monies from NINR to supplement this T32 if it is 
approved.  All applications will receive a review with one of the following three 
possible outcomes:  (1) recommendation for funding, (2) recommendation for not 
being funded, and (3) deferral for later consideration with remaining 
administrative supplements.  

Inquiries concerning this notice are encouraged.  The opportunity to clarify 
issues or questions from potential applicants and RN candidates is welcome.

Direct inquiries regarding programmatic issues to:

Dr. Hilary D. Sigmon
Program Director
National Institute of Nursing Research
Building 45, Room Number 3AN-12, MSC 6300
Bethesda, MD  20892-6300
Telephone:  301-594-5970
FAX:  301- 480-8269

Direct inquiries regarding fiscal matters to:

Ms. Tara Mowery
Grants Management Specialist
National Institute of Nursing Research
Building 45, Room Number 3AN-12, MSC 6300
Bethesda, MD  20892-6300
Telephone:  301-594-5979
FAX:  301-480-8260

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