Addendum to PAR-06-389, Basic and Translational Research Opportunities in the Social Neuroscience of Mental Health (R01)

Notice Number: NOT-MH-06-113

Key Dates
Release Date: May 25, 2006

Issued by
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) (

The purpose of this notice is to correct a statement in PAR-06-389, regarding the role of the Project Director/Principal Investigators (PD/PIs) in the NIH eRA Commons. The following statement is found in the current FOA: Each PD/PI must hold a PD/PI account in the Commons. This account cannot have any other role attached to it other than the PD/PI . Although applicants should not share a Commons account for both an AOR/SO role and a PI role, their Commons account can have both a PD/PI role AND an Internet Assisted Review (IAR) role. In point of fact, the NIH does not want two separate accounts created for one PI, one for the PD/PI role and one for the IAR role. Both roles should exist under one account.

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