Release Date:  June 7, 2001
NOTICE:  NOT-MH-01-008

National Institute of Mental Health

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) proposes to issue solicitation 
No. NIMH-01-DN-0018 entitled “Mouse Neuroscience Phenotyping and Distributing 
Center” as a full and open competitive procurement under North American 
Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code 541710.  The NIMH proposes to 
award a one-year contract with five one-year options.  Some aspects of the 
Statement of Work (SOW) will be reimbursed on a fixed unit price basis while 
other aspects of the (SOW) will be reimbursed on a cost basis.  

With the elucidation of the complete draft sequence of the human and other 
mammalian genomes, the next challenge is to conduct large-scale functional 
analyses of these genomes to greatly enhance our understanding of 
neurobiology.  The laboratory mouse plays a pivotal role in human functional 
genomic, insofar as mouse strains carrying mutations have provided useful 
models for human diseases.  Request for Applications (RFA) MH-99-007, “Mouse 
Mutagenesis and Phenotyping: Nervous System and Behavior” was issued in 1999 
to establish neuroscience-focused facilities for large-scale, efficient, 
whole-genome mutagenesis, in order to promote the systematic and 
comprehensive functional analysis of neurobiological and behavioral 
phenotypes in the mouse.  Cooperative Agreements for three large-scale 
mutagenesis and phenotyping facilities that focus on abnormalities in nervous 
system function and behavior were funded under the RFA.  A major goal of this 
initiative is to provide the scientific community with new research 
resources, i.e., mutant animals in a timely fashion.  The expected production 
of mutants generated by the three neuroscience-focused mutagenesis facilities 
exceeds the capacity of existing mouse storage and distribution facilities.  
In order to realize the full potential for the scientific community of 
mutants produced in the three mutagenesis facilities, the NIMH is seeking to 
establish a large-scale phenotyping and distribution “virtual” center.  The 
virtual center will be comprised of a network of investigators with expertise 
in different phenotypic domains, database/bioinformatics experts who can 
construct a state-of-the-art database in response to the needs of the 
neuroscience and behavioral communities and adequate capacity to maintain and 
distribute mutant strains.  The specific functions to be performed by this 
virtual center include:  (1) confirmatory phenotyping of various nervous 
system functions and complex behaviors in mutant mice received from the three 
mutagenesis facilities; (2) maintenance of mutant strains as live animals, 
and cryopreserved materials (embryos or ovaries and sperm); (3) wide 
distribution to the scientific community of mutant strains in a very timely 
fashion; and (4) development and curation of a public database of 
neuroscience-relevant phenotypic information from mutant strains.  In 
addition to the above, the contract shall also contain an option for the 
performance of additional services.  The additional services that could be 
required include the baseline phenotyping of nine inbred strains (129/SvlmJ, 
A/J, BALB/cJ, BTBR, C3H/HeJ, C57BL/6J, CAST/Ei, DBA/2J, and FVB/NJ) on 
neuroscience-relevant domains, mapping of mutations to a higher resolution 
than originally done by the three mutagenesis facilities, and breeding of 
mutations into balanced and congenic stocks on specified genetic backgrounds 
for distribution to the scientific community.  To eliminate the potential for 
patents on mutant mice and cryopreserved materials that would undermine the 
development of a widely available national resource the successful offeror 
must agree to abide by the terms and conditions imposed by the employment of  
FAR Clauses 52.227-11, “Patent Rights (Deviation)” and 52.227-14, “Rights in 
Data-General (Deviation).”  

RFP No. NIMH-01-DN-0018 will be available on or about June 19, 2001, and 
receipt of proposals will be due on or about November 9, 2001.  The RFP may 
be accessed electronically through the NIMH Homepage at  (First click on Funding Opportunities, then click 
on Contracts and scroll down to the RFP Number.)  This RFP may also be 
accessed electronically at FEDBIZOPPS at  Please 
note that the RFP for this requirement will include the Statement of Work, 
Deliverables, and Reporting Requirements, Technical Evaluation Criteria and 
the Proposal Preparation Instructions.  All information required for the 
submission of an offer will be contained in the electronic RFP package.  
Following proposal submission and the initial review process, offerors 
included in the competitive range will be requested to provide additional 
documentation to the Contracting Officer.  All responsible sources may submit 
a proposal that will be considered by the NIMH.  This advertisement does not 
commit the Government to award a contract.


For questions or further information, contact:

Robert D. Barnie
Contracting Officer
Contracts Management Branch
National Institute of Mental Health
6001 Executive Boulevard, Room 6107, MSC 9603
Bethesda, MD 20892-9603
Telephone:  (301) 443-4116
FAX:  (301) 443-0501

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