Release Date:  March 29, 2002

NOTICE:  NOT-LM-02-001

National Library of Medicine (NLM) 


The National Library of Medicine seeks to demonstrate the application 
of scalable, network aware, wireless, GIS and identification 
technologies to a networked health related environment.  Project 
proposals will focus on situations that will require or greatly benefit 
from the application of these technologies in health care, medical 
decision-making, public health, large-scale health emergencies, health 
education, and biomedical, clinical and health services research.  
Projects must involve the use of testbed networks linking hospitals, 
clinics, the health practitioners' offices, patients' homes, health 
professional schools, medical libraries, universities, medical research 
centers and laboratories, and/or public health authorities to 
demonstrate revolutionary applications in healthcare, health education 
and medical research.  These significant, network dependent healthcare, 
health education or research applications will demonstrate one or more 
of the following capabilities:  1) Self-scaling applications; 2) Self-
optimizing end-to-end network aware real-time applications and/or 
middleware; 3) Wireless applications; 4) Nomadic application and/or 
applications using geographic information systems (GIS) techniques; and 
5) Applications which involve advanced identification methodologies, 
e.g., biometrics or smartcards.  These testbeds shall be designed to 
yield insight into three realms:  first, the biomedical and social 
value of the proposed testbed services to the individuals served; 
second, insight into the potential value of these services to the 
health delivery, public health or health education enterprise, or 
homeland defense initiative; and third, insight into particular 
elements of future advanced network capabilities or network 
specifications that are required for support of these capabilities.  
Projects may range from being small in scope requiring small amounts of 
funding to very broad in scope requiring larger amounts of funding.  
BAA RFP NLM 02-103/VMS will be available in electronic format only.  
Paper copies will not be issued.  The BAA may be downloaded on or about 
March 25, 2002 from the National Library of Medicine World Wide Web 
home page.  The NLM home page URL is  
All responsible sources may submit a proposal which will be considered by the 
National Library of Medicine. 

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