Reminder To AHRQ Grantees Whose Existing Non-Competing Grants Were Converted From Pooled Accounts To Subaccounts In FY2015 - Drawing Funds From PMS

Notice Number: NOT-HS-17-013

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Release Date:   April 24, 2017

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Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


This is a reminder to the AHRQ grantee community regarding procedures to be followed when drawing funds from the Payment Management System (PMS) for grants whose non-competing awards were converted from a PMS pooled account to a PMS subaccount in FY2015.

With the EXCEPTION OF T32 RECIPIENTS, for any AHRQ grant that was converted from a Payment Management System (PMS) pooled account to a PMS subaccount in FY2015, it is important that the grant recipient fully draw down all funds in the pooled account BEFORE drawing down funds from the subaccount. Any recipient that has already drawn down funds from the subaccount before exhausting funds in the pooled account is asked to adjust their drawdown request to instead draw funds from the pooled account.  Please refrain from drawing funds from the subaccount until all funds are drawn from the pooled account.  FOR T32 RECIPIENTS, DO NOT DRAW DOWN ANY FUNDS FROM THE POOLED ACCOUNT THAT HAVE BEEN REPORTED AS AN UNOBLIGATED BALANCE ON THE FFR FOR THE FINAL BUDGET PERIOD IN WHICH THE GRANT WAS IN A POOLED ACCOUNT (THIS SHOULD NORMALLY BE FUNDS THAT WERE AWARDED IN FY2014).  THESE FUNDS WILL BE USED AS AN OFFSET TO A FUTURE YEAR AWARD AND WILL BE MANUALLY TRANSFERRED TO THE SUBACCOUNT.

Please also refer to NOT-HS-14-002 "AHRQ Awards to Transition to Payment Management System Subaccounts in FY 2014 and FY 2015"

Please note that any funds in the pooled account that were issued in FY2014 or earlier will expire/cancel and no longer be available to the grantee organization or to AHRQ as of September 30 five (5) years after the FY in which they were issued, i.e. FY2012 funds will cancel on 9/30/2017; FY2013 funds will cancel on 9/30/2018; FY2014 funds will cancel on 9/30/2019. Note that PMS establishes a deadline each year for requesting cash withdrawals, and the deadline is generally a few days before September 30.


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