Notice of Limited Competition Request for Competing Applications: NHLBI Programs in Gene by Environment Interaction (PROGENI)

Notice Number: NOT-HL-06-123

Key Dates
Release Date: March 17, 2006

Issued by
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), (

The NHLBI is requesting competing renewal applications from the institutions currently funded as part of the NHLBI Programs in Gene by Environment Interaction. These programs were awarded as a result of Request for Applications (RFA) HL-02-010 , “ Interaction of Genes and Environment in Shaping Risk Factors for Heart, Lung, Blood and Sleep Disorders” ( This Program consists of four studies (Tulane University of Louisiana, Jiang He (PI); University of Maryland, Alan R. Shuldiner (PI); Johns Hopkins University, Lewis C. Becker (PI); and University of Alabama Birmingham, Donna K. Arnett (PI)) utilizing a unified approach to search for genetic variants influencing response to prescribed environmental changes. All four studies have implemented a short-term intervention of known efficacy in families. PROGENI provides a unique collaborative structure for basic and translational research in genetics of response to treatment and prevention of HLBS disease and associated risk factors using a family-based approach. The extensive time and processes involved in collecting these data, establishing a collaborative program, implementing protocols and analysis warrants this limited re-competition for a two-year renewal cycle. The experience gained by the current group of investigators in working together, designing protocols suitable for a research network setting, and producing high-quality phenotype and genotype data contributes to the unique nature of this resource. The PROGENI investigators have recruited approximately 10,000 participants in families who were extensively phenotyped at baseline, genotyped and subjected to intensive interventions followed by re-examination. A data set of this magnitude and depth is unlikely to be recreated. The complexity of the data requires both multiple and novel approaches to analysis. The PROGENI investigators have established a collaborative network which allows them to rapidly develop and implement multiple novel analytic approaches.  

The PROGENI data set provides a unique resource of unparalleled value for gene discovery and studies of gene by environment interaction in families. The NHLBI would like to provide continued support to PROGENI, who will further implement a plan to make data available to the scientific research community. Keeping the group intact and encouraging the incorporation of new ideas and analyses within the scope of PROGENI goals will take maximum advantage of the collaborative effort and resources already developed by PROGENI, and it will also allow for significant contributions to advance genetic research of HLBS risk factors.   The renewal as defined under this notice of limited competition will not include recruitment of new participants or follow up clinical exams on existing participants. However, renewal applications may include limited additional phenotyping and genotyping (including sequencing) on existing samples.

The renewal applications should include plans for in-depth analysis of response phenotypes utilizing multiple analytic approaches. Opportunities for replication among the PROGENI grants should be actively employed. Implementation of data sharing of this unique resource will be a part of this renewal application. The existing Administrative Coordinating Center (ACC) will be expanded to a Data Coordinating Center (DCC). The renewal will also support the development of a publicly available standardized data set for analysis of baseline and/ or response phenotypes by the DCC. In addition, novel methods and approaches to analyzing gene by environment interaction should be made available to the scientific community by each grant. The unique data set should also serve as a foundation to develop educational programs (workshops, scientific symposium, etc.) addressing the unique challenges of analyzing gene – environment interaction (Pharmacogenetics being a subset thereof) data.  


Applications must be prepared using the PHS 398 research grant application instructions and forms (rev. 5/2001). Applications must have a DUN and Bradstreet (D&B) Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number as the Universal Identifier when applying for federal grants or cooperative agreements. The DUNS number can be obtained by calling (866) 705-5711 or through the web site at The DUNS number should be entered on line 11 of the face page of the PHS 398 form. The PHS 398 document is available at in an interactive format. For further assistance contact GrantsInfo, telephone (301) 710-0267, or email:  

Applicants will be restricted to $250,000 in direct costs per year for two years.  


Direct inquiries regarding this notice to:  

Cashell E. Jaquish, Ph.D.
Genetic Epidemiology Scientific Research Group
Division of Epidemiology and Clinical Applications
National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute
Rockledge II, Room 8170, MSC 7934
6701 Rockledge Drive
Bethesda , MD 20892-7934
Telephone: (301) 435-0447
FAX: (301) 480-1455

Dina Paltoo, Ph.D., M.P.H
Bioengineering and Genomic Applications Scientific Research Group
Division of Heart and Vascular Diseases
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
Rockledge II, Room 9100
6701 Rockledge Drive
Bethesda , MD 20892-7940
Telephone: (301) 435-1802
FAX: (301) 480-1336

Ahmed Hasan, M.D.,Ph.D.
Division of Blood Diseases Research
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
Rockledge II, Room 10
6701 Rockledge Drive
Bethesda , MD 20892-7940
Telephone: (301) 435-0064
FAX: (301) 480-1046

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