NIGMS Policy on Funding Biomedical Technology Research Resources Beyond Year 15

Notice Number: NOT-GM-18-042

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Release Date: August 8, 2018

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National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS)


The technology development mission of a Biomedical Technology Research Resource (BTRR) should be characterized by a focus on genuine completion of the development cycle for each promising technology, in a timely manner, and a drive toward obsolescence of the BTRR through ubiquity of the developed technology within the scientific community.

NIGMS expects that the funding lifetime of a BTRR will be no more than fifteen years. Only in very rare circumstances will NIGMS consider funding a BTRR competing renewal application in years 16 to 20.

This Notice is to clarify the policy for funding an NIGMS BTRR beyond fifteen years of support. For renewal support in FY2020 and beyond, NIGMS will not fund a BTRR competing renewal application past year 20.

PD/PIs of existing BTRRs that have already been funded for 15 years or more and who have ideas for new technologies are encouraged to apply to NIGMS' Focused Technology Research and Development program through PAR-17-046 (R21) or PAR-17-045 (R01). NIGMS also encourages commercialization of technologies developed by BTRRs through the NIH SBIR/STTR program (


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