RELEASE DATE:  August 5, 2004

NOTICE:  NOT-ES-04-010

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) 

The purpose of this notice is to announce a request for proposals (RFP 
NIH-ES-04-12) (http://www.niehs.nih.gov/dert/rcb/rfp.htm). The NIEHS is 
soliciting proposals for a contract to conduct short-term and long-term 
studies in laboratory animals to evaluate the toxic and carcinogenic potential 
of test articles by various routes of exposure.  The project is designed 
to study diverse agents that may include:  food additives; colorants or 
flavorings; pharmaceuticals and herbal remedies; herbicides, 
fungicides, and pesticides; ingredients found in soaps, lotions, 
perfumes, and cosmetics; in detergents and cleaners; in a wide variety 
of consumer products; used in manufacturing, or industrial settings, 
etc.  The design of actual studies will vary, as needed depending on 
the individual test agents, route(s) of exposure, and endpoints to be 
evaluated.  Study duration may be from a few days up to 2-years or 
lifetime.  Exposure may begin in utero or in young animals.  The routes 
of administration may be dosed feed, dosed water, gavage, dermal, 
parenteral (intraperitoneal, subcutaneous, intravenous, intratrachael).  
These studies shall be conducted in accordance with the Specifications 
for the Conduct of Studies to Evaluate the Toxic and Carcinogenic 
Potential of Chemical, Biological and Physical Agents in Laboratory 
Animals for the National Toxicology Program.   Offerors are advised 
that if they wish to receive a contract award they shall have a working 
laboratory conducting studies via the routes of administration 
identified above and outlined in the Statement of Work, in place by the 
date of proposal submission. The Principal Investigator, Toxicologist, 
Chemist, Veterinarian, Health and Safety Officer, and Quality Assurance 
Unit Officer shall be employees of the contract laboratory (i.e., not 
consultants or subcontractors).   A working laboratory means that the 
facility has in place essential features necessary to conduct Good 
Laboratory Practices (GLP) toxicity/carcinogenicity studies of 
environmental agents involving large groups of rats and mice (e.g., 
environmentally controlled animal rooms, analytical laboratories, 
clinical laboratory, necropsy room, histology facility, etc.), and 
staff with appropriate expertise to expose, care for, and process large 
numbers of animals (e.g., chemists, toxicologists, pathologists, 
clinical pathologist, veterinarian, animal care technicians, 
prosectors, histologists, quality assessment group, etc.).  The daily 
interaction and constant coordination of efforts needed amongst these 
discipline areas throughout the in-life portion of the studies makes it 
critical that they be physically and organizationally together.  Award 
of two cost-reimbursement, completion type contracts on approximately 
May 1, 2005 with a ten-year term on an open competition basis is 
contemplated as a result of this solicitation.  The estimated level of 
effort is approximately 719,400 labor hours for the base contract and 
169,955 for all options.  The anticipated release date of the RFP is 
approximately August 16, 2004 with proposals due on approximately 
October 14, 2004.   Interested organizations should request a copy of 
the solicitation by submitting a written request to the point of 
contact.  All responsible sources may submit a proposal, which shall be 
considered by the Agency.  The electronic version of the FedBizOpps 
synopsis will be available on the Internet at: 
http://www.niehs.nih.gov/dert/rcb/rfp.htm.  An electronic copy of the 
RFP (without the NTP Specifications) will be posted to this site on or 
about the RFP release date.  This requirement is unrestricted.  NAICS 
Code is 541710.  FedBizOpps Numbered Note 22 applies.

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