Release Date:  December 20, 2000

NOTICE:  ES-01-002

RFP:  NIH-ES-01-02

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

The NIEHS is soliciting offers for a contract that will require both analysis
of large numbers of samples (up to 5000) for a single genotype and small
numbers of samples (up to 500) for multiple gentotypes (an average of 10). 
Need for an inventory of methods for up to several hundred polymorphisms is
foreseen.  A successful offeror will demonstrate the ability to work  closely
with the Project Officer and Government Task Leaders to develop and validate
assays for newly identified polymorphisms.  A successful offeror will also
demonstrate that the proposed genotyping methods (s) can be rapidly and easily
adapted tonew polymorphisms and are rapidly scaleable to deal with increasing
numbers of new polymorphisms.  The offeror should demonstrate capability to
identify several types of polymorphisms, including single nucleotide
polymorphisms (SNPs), repeat length polymorphisms including nucleotide
repeats, insertions, and deletions.  It will be required to provide a detailed
standard operating procedure to protect the safety and health of individuals
who will be handling the human samples provided under the resulting contract. 
Detailed quality control and quality assurance plans will be required, an
inventory system for tracking of samples during receipt, storage, processing,
and shipping.  Extractions of DNA from approximately 30,000 human or animal
samples over five years are anticipated.  Molecular analysis of approximately
50,000 human or animal samples over five years are anticipated.  The offeror
should be familiar with several methods of genotyping including TaqMan
quantitative PCR, mass spectrometry, array hybridization, genetic bit
analysis, primer extension, allele specific amplication, or other validated
high-throughput methods.  Offerors shall be required to perform a model study
for proposal submission purposes. The estimated  period of performance is five
(5)  years. The Government estimates that this five year period may require
approximately 47,500 labor hours.  This acquisition is a total small business
set aside, the size standard for which is 500 employees. The Request for
Proposal (RFP) will be available after January 8, 2001.  

Request should reference RFP No. NIH-ES-01-02 and should be forwarded to:

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Research Contracts Branch, DERT
Attn: Velvet M.. Torain
79 T. W. Alexander Drive, 
Building 4401 Research Commons, Suite 100
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

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