Release Date:  January 12, 2000

NOTICE:  ES-00-001

RFP NIH-ES-00-23

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), National  
Institutes of Health (NIH), is soliciting
proposals from offerors that have the capabilities and facilities:  Task I, 
demonstrate proficiency in the performance of the Immune Testing Assays 
required by the EIG to detect chemical-induced immune alteration.  The sub-
task I-A Immunosuppression shall involve Immunopathology, Humoral Mediated 
Immunity, Cell Mediated Immunity, Cell Quantification, Non-specific Immunity 
and Host Resistance Assays and sub-task 1-B Hypersensitivity Assays  shall 
involve Mouse ear swelling test (MEST) and Local lymph node assay (LLNA).  
Task II-A, upon demonstration of proficiency, the contractor shall test four 
xenobiotics per year using tests described in Task I-A.1, I-A.2 and I-A.4.  
Task II-B, the contractor shall test two xenobiotics per year thereafter. Task 
II-C shall test 2 xenobiotics per year for their potential to produce skin 
hypersentivity in the mouse.  Task II-D, the contractor shall test 1 
xenobiotic per year for the potential to influence autoimmune disease.  Task 
III, Evaluation of Additional Xenobiotics on an AAs Needed Basis@ (Options 1-
3) that will not exceed 35% of the total yearly level of effort to conduct 
additional Task II studies.  Task IV,  Development and/or Evaluation of New 
and Improved Technology (Option 4), for example, it may be necessary to 
evaluate methods to assess the relevance of changes in cytokine levels, 
monitor additional cell surface markers or quantitate certain biomedical 
changes in chemical models of autoimmune disease.  Activities performed under 
this task shall not exceed 8% of the basic contract effort.   

The Government estimates that the base contract excluding options will require 
approximately 1.4 professional person-years, 1.8 senior technical person 
years, 0.5 technical person years and .25 for administrative person years per 
contract year.  The level of effort for the options shall be explained in the 
RFP. The estimated period of performance is 5 years. 

Requests must reference RFP No. NIH-ES-00-23 and must be directed to the 
office listed below.  Release of the RFP is anticipated on or about January 
21, 2000 with proposals due February 22, 2000.  All responsible sources may 
submit a proposal which shall be considered by the Agency.

Request should be forwarded to:

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Research Contracts Branch, DERT
ATTN:  Howard Hill, Contract Specialist
79 T.W. Alexander Drive, Building 4401 Research Commons
P.O. Box 12874
Research Triangle Park, NC  27709
(919) 541-4971 (Telephone)
(919) 541-2712 (Fax)

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