Release Date:  October 15, 2001

NOTICE:  NOT-DK-01-016

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

Purpose:  The purpose this announcement is to request comments and suggestions 
on the potential list of tasks that is located at:

Background:  The NIDDK has determined a need to set up a central NIDDK 
repository for biosamples and data collected in large, multi-site studies.  
Having a central repository will expand the usefulness of these studies by 
providing access to the biosamples and data to a wider research community beyond 
the end of the study. 

At a minimum, this repository will collect data and samples from studies that 
have been completed.  In addition, we seek comment on feasibility of making the 
repository serve as a processing and analysis facility for samples that will be 
collected in ongoing and new studies.  Finally, we request comments on the 
feasibility of using this repository to provide support services for genetics 
studies, including cell line immortalization and DNA extraction.

Scope:  The NIDDK currently estimates that there are more than 600,000 existing 
frozen samples including plasma, serum, urine, DNA and cell cultures that are 
stored in liquid nitrogen, at -70C or at -20C.  In addition, there are several 
thousand existing frozen tissue samples.  It is anticipated that over the next 
five years, future projects will generate more than 100,000 additional 
biosamples per year, including up to 1000 tissue samples, and that up to 20,000 
new immortalized cell cultures will need to be produced from blood samples 
per year.

Request:  The NIDDK seeks:

a) To develop a source list of providers of one or more of the proposed 

b) Comments on feasibility of performing the sample tasks on task list as a 
single contract.  Can this acquisition be accomplished through a single 
contract awarded to a single contractor or should multiple contracts be 
awarded?  Can one entity perform all these tasks?

c) Comments on the scale of the proposed repository, given the large number 
of existing and future samples.  Can a single entity process and store the 
number of samples projected for the repository?  If not, what is the upper 
limit of samples that is feasible?

d) Comments of organization of tasks.  How should the tasks be structured for 
one or more contracts to maximize efficiency and minimize costs?

Pre-solicitation meeting:  A meeting to discuss the proposed solicitation(s) will 
be held on November 28, 2001 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in the Neurosciences 
Building, NIH, 6001 Executive Blvd, Bethesda, MD, 20817. Transcripts will be 
available upon request for individuals who are unable to attend. In advance of 
that meeting, please submit written responses to the requests and written 
questions that you plan to ask NIDDK representatives at the meeting using the 
following hyperlink:

After receipt and consideration of comments and suggestions received from 
interested parties in writing and at the meeting, the NIDDK will issue one or 
more Requests for Proposals to carry out the various tasks.

Please note:  All meeting proceedings and questions and answers submitted in 
writing, excluding proprietary information, will be posted at:

Please address all inquiries about meeting logistics to:  Iain Mackenzie, the 
Hill Group, (301) 897-2789,

Please address all inquiries about the proposed contract to:
Rebekah S. Rasooly, Ph.D.
Program Director
Division of Kidney, Urologic and Hematologic Diseases, NIDDK
(301) 594-6007

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