Release Date:  January 30, 2001

NOTICE:  NOT-DE-01-003

National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research

This announcement supersedes all previously issued announcements for the 
NIDCR Small Grant (R03) Program under PA 91-036 (DE) and its extensions.  
A new program announcement, describing changes to the Program, will soon 
be published accepting applications for the April 3, 2001 deadline.  

Effective with the April 3, 2001 deadline, applications will only be 
accepted from new investigators. 

Eligible candidates for the NIDCR Small Grant Program (R03) include 
former and current: (1) recipients of Individual Research Career 
Development Awards, such as the Mentored Clinical Scientist Development 
Award (K08), Scholar Development and Faculty Transition Award (K22) and 
Mentored Patient Oriented Research Career Development Award (K23); (2) 
appointees in Institutional Research Career Development Award programs, 
such as the Dentist Scientist Award (K16) and Mentored Clinical 
Scientist Development Program Award in Dental, Craniofacial and Oral 
Health Research (K12); (3) recipients of individual National Research 
Service Awards (NRSA), such as the Predoctoral Dental Scientist 
Fellowship (F30) and Postdoctoral Fellowship (F32); and (4) trainees in 
the Institutional NRSA program (T32).  However, any current support by 
the F32 or T32 mechanisms must terminate before Small Grant support 

Current and previous recipients of NIH Research Project Grants (R01), 
Research Program Project Grants (P01), Center Grants (P50 and P60), 
Planning Grants (P20), FIRST Awards (R29), Exploratory Grants (R21), 
Shannon Awards (R55), Area Grants (R15), and Small Grant Awards (R03), 
are now ineligible for the NIDCR Small Grant Program. Principal 
Investigators of research subprojects of Research Program Projects (P01) 
and Centers(P50 and P60) are also ineligible. Other NIH grant supported 
activities may preclude eligibility for the small grant award.  
Potential applicants are advised to contact NIDCR program staff at the 
following NIDCR web page 
in order to ascertain eligibility for this program.  Individuals who are 
planning to reenter research careers and are ineligible for the R03 as 
defined above should consider applying under the NIH reentry supplement 
program (Announcement PA-99-106).

Applicants who have questions should contact the extramural program 
officials listed on the above NIDCR web page.

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