“$100,000 for Start a SUD Startup” Challenge

Notice Number: NOT-DA-16-035

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Release Date: July 5, 2016

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National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)


“$100,000 for Start a SUD Startup” Challenge is the first competition for biomedical scientists with the goal to support research ideas that are intended to be the basis for the development of a new and potentially successful start-up. This Challenge is unique because NIDA intends to fund the “would be” startup Founders much earlier than most investors, incubators, or traditional modes of research funding (e.g. small business grants). NIDA hopes that participation in the contest will enable scientists to test whether their research ideas can be fostered into a biotech startup.  In 2016, NIDA will award up to $100,000 in prizes to up to 10 winners of the contest, $10,000 each.

The winners of this Challenge are encouraged to use the prize funds to develop a minimum viable proof (MVP) as quickly as possible and to obtain customer feedback to discover if MVP meets the customer needs. If the product prototype is successfully validated, winners are encouraged to create or further advance their biotech startup no later than 6 months after the prize is awarded. Post Challenge, as with all other NIH grant applicants, NIDA staff will provide dedicated assistance and guidance about the NIH grant submission process, including submissions for the SBIR/STTR grants.

Deadline for submissions:  September 16, 2016
Winners will be announced: October, 2016

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Please direct all inquiries to:

Irina Sazonova, PhD
National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
Telephone: 301-827-5873
Email: irina.sazonova@nih.gov