Notice Regarding the Availability of Administrative Supplements to Support U.S. – Netherlands Binational Collaborative Research on Drug Abuse

Notice Number: NOT-DA-09-001

Key Dates
Release Date:  October 29, 2008

Issued by
National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), (


The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), through its International Program, fosters international collaborative research and the exchange of scientific information by drug abuse researchers around the globe.   In 1999, NIDA and The Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development (ZonMw and NWO) signed an Exchange of Letters expressing their mutual intention to promote and strengthen scientific collaboration between U.S. and Dutch research groups working in the field of addiction and illicit drug use.  Since that time, NIDA and the Dutch Addiction Program (DAP) have cooperatively funded researchers in 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2007 working on binational collaborative projects.  To date, there have been 14 collaborative research projects that have received funding.   In FY2009, NIDA intends to provide up to $300,000 to support up to three one-year administrative supplements to ongoing NIDA grants to continue this program.  Matching funds will be provided by the DAP to support Dutch collaborators.

Research Objectives

The intent of this initiative is to stimulate collaborative research between current NIDA grantees and Dutch researchers identified as project leaders in the Dutch Addiction Program and other  ZonMw/NWO project leaders with expertise in addiction research. Funds are being made available for collaborative teams, with Dutch members supported by the DAP and U.S. teams supported by NIDA.   U.S. components of these collaborations will be supported by supplements to ongoing NIDA grants.  An important aspect of this collaboration is that the research projects should address both countries’ interests and priorities in a coordinated and meaningful way.   While the intent of this program is to take advantage of unique opportunities to advance scientific knowledge, and any area of NIDA research is eligible, projects that address priorities of the DAP and NIDA stated on those websites will receive priority consideration.  Applicant teams should familiarize themselves with the DAP addiction research goals and objectives ( and the NIDA areas of research priority (

IMPORTANT: The research proposed by the U.S. partner in the collaboration must be within the original scope of the NIDA-supported grant project.   The funding mechanism being used to support this program, administrative supplements, can be used to cover cost increases that are associated with achieving certain new research objectives as long as they are within the original scope of the project and include cost increases that result from making modifications to the project in order to take advantage of opportunities that would increase the value of the project consistent with its originally approved objectives and purposes.

This program is part of NIDA's effort to encourage rigorous collaborative international research and to build knowledge for evidence-based strategies to reduce demand for illicit drugs around the world. Other important objectives of NIDA's program include: Promoting an international cohort of scientists who are knowledgeable of NIDA's research and methods; providing professional development opportunities and technical consultation to the international drug abuse research community; and disseminating NIDA's research findings to international scientists and organizations. Additional information on NIDA's international research program and opportunities for research and research training funding can be found at


The current announcement is for supplements to NIDA-supported grants. Awards will be for one year, the existing grant must have at least one year remaining at the time that the supplement is awarded, and the research must be completed by the end of the parent grant. The proposed supplement MUST be within the general scope of the peer-reviewed activities and aims approved within the parent grant.

Submitting an Administrative Supplement Request

Applicants are encouraged to review the Dutch call for applications on the ZonMW website at the following link:

To be considered for an administrative supplement, submit a request in writing to the Institute/Center, not to the Division of Receipt and Referral, Center for Scientific Review. The request must be signed by the authorized Business Official and describe the need for additional funding and the categorical costs.

Requests under this notice should use the PHS 398 forms (rev. 11/2007; available at and include the following elements in the request packet. Font size restrictions apply as designated within the PHS398 (rev. 4/2006) instructions.)

1) Cover Letter - Citing this Notice (NOT-DA-09-001), a request for an Administrative Supplement, and the following information:

The cover letter must be signed by the authorized organizational representative/institutional official.

2) PHS 398 Form Page 1 (Face page)  MS Word  PDF

3) PHS 398 Form page 2  MS Word  PDF
Note: The project “summary” is that of the administrative supplement, not the parent grant.

4) A brief proposal describing the project, including:

Note: Certain of the sections below should be prepared and submitted jointly by the US and Netherlands partners, these sections are indicated below:

i) Human Subjects/ Vertebrate Animal documentation (if applicable). Include a current Human Subjects/IRB or Vertebrate Animals/IACUC approval letter, if available. Otherwise, this will be required at the time of funding. All appropriate IRB and IACUC approvals must be in place prior to a supplement award being made. 

Any differences in the involvement or use of human subjects or specimens, or use of vertebrate animals, between the administrative supplement activity and the parent grant should be noted.  When appropriate, details should be provided on the protection of human subjects and inclusion of women, children, and minorities.  Additional guidance on Human Subjects Research and Vertebrate Animals is provided under Part II of the PHS 398 instructions (  

j) PHS 398 Checklist Form MS Word  PDF

Selection Factors

Administrative supplement requests will be reviewed administratively by NIDA Program and Grants management Staff.   Selection factors will include the following:

Budget and Funding Information

For FY 2009, $300,000 will be available for administrative supplements to existing research projects.  Administrative supplements are generally limited to less than 25 percent of the Council-approved direct costs for the current budget year of the project or under $100,000, whichever is less. Administrative supplements may be submitted at any time, but no later than April 7, 2009. It is anticipated that supplemental funding will begin not later than July, 2009.

Concurrent to the NIDA review, the DAP will review the Dutch partner’s proposals.  Funding decisions will be based upon consideration of both reviews and research priorities of both programs. 

How to Apply

This is a one-time announcement.  Applications must be received on or before April 7, 2009.  Do not send applications to the NIH Center for Scientific Review. 
Submit one original, hard copy of the request packet (with original signatures of the authorized business official) to the NIDA address listed below:

By U.S. Mail:
Grants Management Branch
National Institute on Drug Abuse
6101 Executive Boulevard, Room 270, MSC 8403
Bethesda MD 20892-8403

By Express Mail:
Grants Management Branch
National Institute on Drug Abuse
6101 Executive Boulevard, Room 270
Rockville MD 20852

In addition, applicants are encouraged to send an electronic copy of the submitted supplement request as an e-mail attachment in PDF format to the program contact listed below under “Inquiries.”


Inquiries and discussion of plans for responding to this Notice are strongly encouraged.

Program Contact:
Dale Weiss
International Program
National Institute on Drug Abuse
National Institutes of Health
6001 Executive Blvd
Rm 5252, MSC 9591
Bethesda, MD 20892-9555
EXPRESS/COURIER:  Rockville, MD 20852
Phone: (301) 443-6480

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