Pre-Application Webinar for NCI Pediatric In Vivo Testing Program and NCI Pediatric In Vivo Testing Program Coordinating Center (RFA-CA-20-034, RFA-CA-20-041)
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August 31, 2020

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RFA-CA-20-034 - NCI Pediatric In Vivo Testing Program (U01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

RFA-CA-20-041 - NCI Pediatric In Vivo Testing Program Coordinating Center (U24 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

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National Cancer Institute (NCI)


NCI will hold a pre-application webinar on Tuesday, September, 8, 2020, at 4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. (ET) for Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) RFA-CA-20-034 and RFA-CA-20-041, which are associated with the NCI Pediatric In Vivo Testing Program and its Coordinating Center, respectively.

NCI staff involved in these FOAs will provide orientation and technical assistance to potential applicants to the above-referenced FOAs by explaining the goals and objectives for the FOAs and answer questions from webinar attendees.

Potential applicants are encouraged to submit their questions by September 4, 2020, to

Note: Questions about the scope of the FOAs will be addressed during the webinar; however, questions about investigators’ specific study aims will not be addressed in the webinar.

Webinar Information:

Participants are encouraged to join early to ensure connectivity.

Participation in this webinar, although encouraged for potential applicants, is optional and is not required for the submission of an application in response to RFA-CA-20-034 and RFA-CA-20-041.

The presentation made at the webinar will be posted at the CTEP NCI webpage that describes NCI pediatric preclinical testing activities.

In addition, questions and answers from the webinar as well as responses to other questions received by NCI from potential applicants will be posted at the same location as “Frequently Asked Questions”.

Any questions about the webinar should be directed to:


Please direct all inquiries to:

Malcolm A. Smith, MD, PhD
National Cancer Institute (NCI)
Telephone: (240) 276-6087

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