Clarifications for Applicants Responding to RFA-CA-13-502 "Limited Competition: Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium (UM1)"

Notice Number: NOT-CA-13-014

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Release Date: July 10, 2013

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National Cancer Institute (NCI)


The purpose of this Notice is to clarify details in RFA-CA-13-502 on Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium (PBTC) regarding the expectations for the Program Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI) designated as Consortium chairperson.

In addition, the NCI clarifies that the PD/PI designated as Consortium chairperson may be, but does not have to be, from the applicant institution and may, but does not have to, serve as a contact PD/PI. Expectations regarding effort commitments by PDs/PIs are also clarified.

An inconsistency regarding the number of applications (only one is allowed) is also corrected.

Changes in RFA-CA-13-502

The following changes are made in the text of RFA-CA-13-502:

1) In Section III.1 under the heading “Number of Applications”, the first sentence is changed to read:

Only one application is permitted in response to this FOA.

2) In Section IV.2, instructions for Overall Component under the heading “Description, Project/Performance Sites, Senior/Key Personnel, Other Significant Contributors, Human Embryonic Stem Cells (Overall)” are modified to read as below:

All instructions in the PHS 398 Application Guide must be followed with the following modification:
The PBTC applicants are strongly recommended to name in the application an overall Consortium chairperson, who will preside over the Consortium governing body, the Steering Committee (see Section VI. Cooperative Agreement Terms and Conditions of Award for details). The Consortium chairperson is expected to be a PD/PI.

It is also expected that:
A Contact PD/PI will commit at least 1.8 person-months effort, and the Consortium chairperson will commit at least 2.4 person months effort.  If the Consortium chairperson is also the Contact PD/PI, then he/she will commit at least 2.4 person-months effort. All other PD(s)/PI(s), if designated, will each commit at least 1.8 person-months effort to the Consortium. These commitments are expected to be maintained through the entire funding period.

3) In Section IV.2, instructions for Overall Component under the heading "Multiple PD/PI Leadership Plan", the last sentence is now deleted so this paragraph reads as below:

Multiple PD/PI Leadership Plan: If multiple PDs/PIs are proposed, the Multiple PD/PI Leadership Plan must also be completed as per PHS 398 instructions. The plan is expected to identify who of the proposed multiple PDs/PIs will serve as the Consortium chairperson (or whether such leadership will be shared by more individuals).

All other aspects of RFA-CA-13-502 remain unchanged.


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