Request for Information Related to a Planned Funding Opportunity for Support of the Discovery, Development, and Clinical Validation of Glycan-Based Cancer Biomarkers

Notice Number: NOT-CA-06-004

Key Dates
Release Date: December 2, 2005

Issued by
National Cancer Institute (NCI), (

The NCI plans to issue a Request for Applications (RFA) in the spring of 2006 to establish a new consortium entitled the Alliance of Glycobiologists for Detection of Cancer and Cancer Risk. The U01 cooperative agreement funding mechanism will be used to support several awards of up to 5 years maximum each. At this time, we invite prospective applicants to provide limited details concerning research that might be supported in conjunction with such a funding opportunity. This Request for Information (RFI) is for planning purposes only and pertains to the determination of any special resource needs that might enhance the establishment and usefulness of this research program. This RFI should not be construed as a solicitation or as an obligation on the part of the Government. The Government does not intend to award a cooperative agreement, contract, or grant on the basis of responses to this RFI.


The planned RFA will solicit grant applications for support of Tumor Glycome Laboratories, which are to be the principal component of the Alliance . These laboratories will discover, develop, and support clinical validation of glycan-based cancer biomarkers. Because complex carbohydrate structures are central to this initiative, the Consortium for Functional Glycomics (CFG), which is supported by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health, will be a second key component in the Alliance . The CFG will provide reagents, protocols, and database resources that it has developed in order to support the research activities of the Tumor Glycome Laboratories. Members of NCI's Early Detection Research Network (EDRN) ( will facilitate clinical validation of promising biomarkers discovered by the Tumor Glycome Laboratories, thus fulfilling the translational emphasis of the Alliance . Successful applicants will need to demonstrate sophistication with regard to their knowledge and use of glycomic technologies as well as provide evidence of collaborations with clinical scientists that demonstrate their access to and use of cancer-related specimens for relevant research. Previous experience in glycan biomarker discovery is desirable, but not essential; however, applicants without such background must have considerable expertise in structural carbohydrate analysis or include such an expert as a lead co-investigator on their team.

Information requested

For the research projects, it is anticipated that the Tumor Glycome Laboratories will make use of particular resources available through the CFG and/or EDRN. In order to forecast and better prepare for the probable needs of these laboratories, the CFG and EDRN seek input from the relevant research community. To this end, all interested parties are encouraged to respond to this RFI by concisely addressing the following points (one page maximum, single-spaced):

  1. Briefly describe the scope of the research problem(s) that you think could or should be included for this funding initiative with specific reference to the types of cancer to consider and the nature of specimens necessary to effectively carry out the studies;
  2. Define specific state-of-the-art technologies, platforms, or paradigms that could or should be used for glycan biomarker discovery and development, and, therefore, included within the scope of science for this funding initiative; and
  3. If specific capabilities offered by the CFG ( could facilitate research supported by this funding opportunity, specify which types of technical support core facilities and/or specialized services or reagents could or should be made available for participants.


Please submit all responses by March 1, 2006, to:

Karl E. Krueger, Ph.D.
Program Director, Cancer Biomarkers Research Group
Division of Cancer Prevention
National Cancer Institute
6130 Executive Blvd. , EPN Suite 3147 , MSC 7362
Bethesda , MD 20892-7362
Telephone: (301) 594-1044
FAX: (301) 402-8990

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