RELEASE DATE:  April 2, 2003

NOTICE:  NOT-CA-03-018

National Cancer Institute (NCI)

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) invites NCI-funded investigators to 
submit equipment requests that will advance the understanding of the 
molecular and cellular underpinnings of tumor-host interactions.  The 
supplemental program will support equipment in the area of sample 
preparation, microscopy, and molecular and cellular imaging.   Requests for 
associated software needed for informatics and data analysis for imaging 
studies can also be included.  Studies involving such equipment should help 
in identifying novel interactions between normal and/or tumor cells with host 
stroma and eventually have a translational impact.  In addition to a strong 
scientific basis, requests that are accompanied with the relevant documents 
indicating (i) multi-user involvement, and  (ii) cost-sharing by the 
applicant's organization will be viewed favorably.   Applicant institutions 
will be expected to support the personnel and other costs associated with the 
maintenance of equipment.   Equipment requests associated with microarray 
analysis or proteomics are outside the scope of this initiative and will not 
be considered.  

A full description of the supplement request program and the guidelines can 
be found at the URL: Requests must 
be submitted as described on the website and will be accepted till June 16, 


NCI-funded research grantees may submit and be the PI of a supplemental 
request. The PI must have an active R01, R37, P01, U01, Phased Innovation 
Award (combined R21/R33), or a SPORE grant (P50) with at least 2 years 
remaining at the time of anticipated funding date of September 1, 2003 (i.e., 
the grants must be active until August 31, 2005).   Collaborating 
investigators must have active research funding support from NIH or other 
funding agencies.  

NCI-funded research grantees who are interested in applying for an 
supplement request are encouraged to contact:

Suresh Mohla, Ph.D.  
Chief, Tumor Biology & Metastasis Branch  
Division of Cancer Biology  
National Cancer Institute  
6130 Executive Blvd, EPN 5038  
Rockville, MD 20892  
301 435-1878  
FAX:  301 480-0864

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