RELEASE DATE:  December 20, 2002


National Cancer Institute (NCI)

This addendum is to inform potential applicants of a change in the 
Research Objectives under Program Announcements PAR-01-104 and PAR-01-
105.  The change is as follows:

This notice is to draw the attention of applicants responding to PAR-
01-104 and PAR-01-105.  In addition to the research objectives found in 
the current PARs, NCI would also like to solicit applications for 
developing high throughput assays for methylation and histone 
acetylation, key components in epigenetic regulation of cellular 
transformation. Epigenetics is the study of mechanisms that involve 
mitotically heritable changes in DNA other than changes in nucleotide 
sequence Epigenetic changes are needed for normal growth but these 
changes are misdirected in cancer. A critical step towards a better 
understanding of the epigenetic alterations during carcinogenesis is to 
develop new approaches and to improve existing techniques for genome-
wide methylation analysis and histone deacetylation of chromatin.  In 
particular, improved and novel technologies must allow the use of 
epigenetic changes as early detection biomarkers. Current technologies 
are set up for detecting epigenetic changes by analytical tools.  In 
order to screen a large population, comprehensive, quantitative, high-
throughput strategies are needed.

All other provisions of PAR-01-104 and PAR-01-105 remain unchanged.  
The complete PARs can be accessed at the following URLs:


Inquiries regarding this notice may be directed to:

Mukesh Verma, Ph.D.
Cancer Biomarkers Research Group,
Division of Cancer Prevention
National Cancer Institute
EPN, Room 3147 MSC 7362
Bethesda, MD 20892-7362
Telephone: 301-496-3893
Fax: 301-402-8990           

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