RELEASE DATE:  November 5, 2002

NOTICE:  NOT-CA-02-032

National Cancer Institute (NCI)

The Unconventional Innovations Program (UIP) of the National Cancer 
Institute (NCI) is seeking revolutionary technologies for cancer 
research.  The UIP is soliciting proposals for the development of 
multifunctional technology platforms to support minimally intrusive 
approaches that integrate: a) sensing of the fundamental signatures of 
precancers, or early, metastatic, or recurring cancers in the living 
body, b) transmission of signature information to an external monitor, 
c) controlled, specific treatment, d) monitoring of the effects of 
treatment.  The UIP particularly seeks technology platforms that 
integrate novel approaches to signature recognition, signal generation, 
signal amplification, signal transmission, intervention delivery, 
intervention feedback, and data interpretation.  Proposals are 
encouraged from investigators from a variety of disciplines including, 
but not limited to, biomedical research, chemistry, physics, 
engineering, and computational sciences; particularly as 
multidisciplinary teams.  The detailed Broad Agency Announcement is 
available on the web site of the Research Contracts Branch, NCI at: with 
instructions for submission of proposal and evaluation criteria.  
Investigators are encouraged to visit the UIP websites; for a program overview, and for abstracts of currently 
funded UIP contractors.


For further information, contact:

Annmarie L. Keane 
Contract Specialist 
National Cancer Institute 
Treatment, Biology, and Science Section, RCB 
Executive Plaza South 
6120 Executive Blvd., MSC 7193 
Suite 6056
Bethesda, MD 20892 
Voice:  301-435-3814 
Fax:  301-402-6699 

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