Release Date:  July 1, 2002

NOTICE:  NOT-CA-02-020

National Cancer Institute (NCI)  

The NCI/NASA Fundamental Technologies for the Development of Bimolecular Sensors 
Program is soliciting projects to develop the fundamental elements of technology 
systems or system components that will measure, analyze, and manipulate 
molecular processes at appropriate scale in the living body. The discoveries 
from this program are intended to enable the development of complete systems for 
the in vivo sensing of signatures of pathologic cell types or closely associated 
micro environmental factors that provide a seamless interface between 
sensing/detection and delivery of signature-specific intervention. This is the 
second solicitation issued in support of this program. In FY2002, the NCI and 
NASA awarded 13 contracts to initiate the program. Under this solicitation, the 
NCI and NASA each anticipate awarding an additional 10-14 contracts, grants, or 
cooperative agreements.

Specific areas for fundamental technology development targeted by this 
solicitation include:

o  novel molecular recognition chemistries, materials, chemical composites, 
nanoparticles, nanostructures, agents, and devices suitable for in vivo use,
o  novel strategies for in vivo signal generation and amplification,
o  non-invasive dynamic signal acquisition systems suitable for non-invasive, 
dynamic signal acquisition from deep tissues and systems of reduced scale 
suitable for manned space missions.
o  new tools for feature definition and extraction, including computational and 
mathematical approaches, and
o  new approaches and multifunctional technology platforms to create an 
interface between in vivo detection and targeted intervention, including 
nanostructures/devices and novel materials and composites.

The detailed Broad Agency Announcement (N01-CO-27042-32) is available on the web 
site of the Research Contracts Branch, National Cancer Institute at:


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