Release Date:  May 9, 2001

NOTICE:  NOT-CA-01-010

National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Division of Cancer Control and 
Population Sciences (DCCPS)  announces a limited competition for competing 
supplemental applications to NCI-funded research projects supported by R01, 
P01, P50, U01 and U19 grant mechanisms.   Most researchers who propose to 
develop and test cancer control interventions either explicitly or implicitly 
intend to disseminate the interventions within the populations from which the 
sample is drawn if the interventions prove efficacious. However, without 
financial support for the costs of dissemination, active dissemination rarely 
occurs.  The purpose of these supplements is to fund the dissemination of 
promising interventions where statistical significance and potential public 
health/clinical significance of intervention effects strongly suggest the 
merits of dissemination to the broader population from which the intervention 
sample was drawn.  The supplement may also support cost-effectiveness 
evaluations of interventions, qualitative and quantitative research needed to 
adapt intervention products for use after formal research evaluation has ended 
and dissemination of intervention products.

These supplements have been designed to provide one-year funding (with the 
possibility of a second year of supplemental funding) to cancer control 
investigators whose intervention efficacy data have been analyzed, who are in 
the final years of their R01, P01, P50, U01 or U19 awards. Research results 
should show statistical significance and public health/clinical significance 
of intervention effects and thus provide the rationale for dissemination to 
the broader population from which the intervention sample was originally 
drawn.   Intervention research across the cancer control continuum, that may 
be eligible for these supplements, includes: tobacco use prevention and 
cessation, promotion of appropriate changes in diet and physical activity, 
reduction of sun exposure and UV radiation exposure, facilitating informed 
decisions about genetic testing for cancer susceptibility, enhancing screening 
for breast, cervix and colorectal cancers, and improving coping skills and 
quality of life for cancer survivors and their families.

Requests for competing supplements under this program should be developed 
using standard forms and format of the PHS 398 (revised 4/98).  All sections 
of the PHS 398 package should be completed.  Also include the following with 
the PHS 398:

A.  Cover letter requesting the competing supplement and identifying this 

B.  Face page

C.  Budget and budget justification

D.  Biosketches and other support for participating investigators

E.  Description of the proposed dissemination plan, including an introduction, 
intervention efficacy data justifying dissemination, relevance to target 
populations and settings for dissemination, proposed dissemination theory and 
methodology, procedures to assess dissemination program effectiveness, and 
plans to sustain effective dissemination approaches beyond the supplement 
funding period (not to exceed 12 pages),

F.  Intervention products (or copies) should be provided

G.  Relevant letters of support from key partners should be included.

Requests should contain enough detail to allow assessment of the scientific 
merit of the proposed dissemination plans and the appropriateness of the 
request for supplemental funding.  Budgets may not exceed $100,000 in direct 
costs for a time period not exceeding 12 months.  If there are extenuating 
circumstances that require a larger budget, these should be documented and 
justified.  If this initiative is reissued, a second one-year administrative 
supplement may be requested to complete the dissemination work initiated in 
the first supplement year.  Funding of the subsequent administrative 
supplement will depend on an administrative review of the first year’s 
progress report and availability of funds.  All requests require an itemized 
budget and must be countersigned by the grantee institution’s business office.  
Requests for supplements under this program must comply with NIH policies for 
inclusion of women, minorities, and children in research involving human 

Submissions may be made to this supplement no earlier than 24 months and no 
later than six months prior to the end of the last year of a currently funded 
NCI intervention research R01, P01, P50, U01 or U19 and no later than August 
16, 2001.  Investigators planning the submission of a competing continuation 
application (Type 2) of their R01, P01, P50, U01 or U19 intervention research 
award may submit the supplement application after, and if, the award notice of 
the Type 2 application has been made, and if the Type 2 application does not 
include funding for the dissemination effort.  In this case, the supplement 
(if awarded) will be linked to the Type 2 award to disseminate the evidence-
based intervention tested in the original R01, P01, P50, U01 or U19 (Type 1) 

Requests will undergo review for scientific merit by extramural reviewers with 
expertise in the cancer control intervention area and/or in dissemination and 
diffusion research.  Awards will be determined on the basis of scientific 
merit, program relevance, dissemination potential, and availability of funds.  
Special consideration will be given to applications that plan to disseminate 
interventions tested in low income and ethnically diverse populations.

The earliest anticipated award date for this program will be March 1, 2002. 
Inquiries related to this notice should be addressed to the NCI Program 
Director for the particular R01, P01, P50, U01 or U19 for which the supplement 
is being requested.  Applicants are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to discuss the 
efficacy data (e.g. effect sizes, consistency with prior research, relevance 
to target populations) supporting their competing supplement request from the 
original project with their respective NCI research project Program Director 
prior to submission.


Requests should be sent to:

Jon F. Kerner, Ph.D.
Assistant Deputy Director for Research Dissemination and Diffusion
Division of Cancer Control and Populations Sciences
6130 Executive Boulevard
Executive Plaza North, Room 6144
Rockville, MD  20852

Direct inquiries regarding fiscal matters should be made to:

Ms. Crystal Wolfrey
Grants Administration Branch
6120 Executive Boulevard
Executive Plaza South, Room 243
Rockville, MD  20852

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