POLICY OF THE NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE FOR ALLOWABLE REQUESTED BUDGET LEVELS OF COMPETING CONTINUATION (TYPE 2) PROGRAM PROJECT (P01) GRANT APPLICATIONS Release Date: February 28, 2000 NOTICE: CA-00-010 National Cancer Institute To align more closely budgetary increases for P01 program project awards with overall NCI budget growth, beginning with the June 1, 2000 receipt date, budget requests for direct costs for NCI supported competing continuation (type 2) Program Project (P01) grant applications must not exceed an increase of 20% over the direct costs to be awarded in the last non-competing (Type 5) year. Subsequent future year budget requests of competing continuations cannot, over the life of the proposed project, exceed simple inflationary adjustments. This dollar total is exclusive of sub-contractual Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs that appear as a direct cost in the budget of the applicant organization. Where currently active supplements have been awarded in conjunction with ongoing programs, the supplemental direct cost may be added into the base of the parent award if the work done under the supplement is to continue in the new project period. Regardless of peer reviewed recommended budgets, all awards still will be subject to any future overall NIH and NCI cost containment principles in effect at the time of an award. After a competing award has been issued, awardees will continue to be eligible to apply for all competing and administrative program project supplements, even if the additional supplemental request exceeds the original cap. It is recognized that in some epidemiological or clinical research programs, the last non-competing year budget may be substantially lower than other previous years. In such circumstances, if the nature of the new research requires budget increases for one or more interim years above the 20 percent rule for the last non-competing year, applicants may cite the most relevant prior budget year as a base for the new cap. Such applicants are advised to contact the NCI program director for the currently funded grant for advice before submitting an application. Prior approval of the NCI will be required before any application with a budget exceeding these guidelines can be accepted for review. Competing continuation applications requesting increases in excess of these guidelines lacking such approval will be returned without review. The full set of policies and procedures related to NCI P01 grants is available at the following location: http://deainfo.nci.nih.gov/awards/P01.pdf INQUIRIES For questions or further information, contact: Dr. Virginia P. Wray Chief, Research Programs Review Section Grants Review Branch Division of Extramural Activities National Cancer Institute 6116 Executive Boulevard, Room 8125 Bethesda, MD 20892-8328 Telephone: 301.496.9236 FAX: 301.496.6497 Email: vw8z@nih.gov

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