Notice of Intent to Publish a Funding Opportunity Announcement for Clinician-Scientists Transdisciplinary Aging Research (Clin-STAR) Coordinating Center

Notice Number: NOT-AG-18-024

Key Dates

Release Date : August 08, 2018
Estimated Publication Date of Funding Opportunity Announcement : September 07, 2018
First Estimated Application Due Date: November 15, 2018
Earliest Estimated Award Date: May 01, 2019
Earliest Estimated Start Date: July 01, 2019

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Issued by
National Institute on Aging (NIA)


The National Institute on Aging intends to publish a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) to solicit applications for a Clinician-Scientists Transdisciplinary Aging Research (Clin-STAR) Coordinating Center. This Center will organize activities and provide research resources for clinician-investigators across the United States who are focusing their careers on aging research. This FOA is intended to build upon the substantial investments made by NIA through the GEMSSTAR program and related career development efforts by supporting expanded activities to reach a broader community of clinician-investigators.

This Notice is being provided to allow potential applicants sufficient time to develop meaningful collaborations and responsive projects.

The FOA is expected to be published in September 2018 with an expected application due date in November 2018.

This FOA will utilize the U24 activity code for resource-related research projects through cooperative agreement. Details of the planned FOA are provided below.

Research Initiative Details

The specific goals of this initiative are to convey scientific and research knowledge on aging research; foster networking and collaboration between clinician-scientist leaders in aging research and clinician-investigators across specialties who wish to focus on aging research; provide mentoring and career development support for emerging clinician-scientists committed to pursuing aging research in their clinical specialty or discipline; and advance transdisciplinary research projects in aging. Ultimately, the Clin-STAR Coordinating Center is intended to provide a multi-faceted national research platform leading to improved patient-centered care for older adults across specialties and disciplines.

The Clin-STAR Coordinating Center is meant to synergize early career clinician-scientists from a broad array of medical, surgical, and dental disciplines (including primary care and geriatrics) with each other and with mid-level and senior clinician-scientists to enhance the pipeline of researchers in aging. In addition to GEMSSTAR scholars, other early-career clinician scientists who could benefit from the Clin-STAR Coordinating Center include, but are not limited to, Butler-Williams ScholarsMSTAR grantees, and those who applied for GEMSSTAR but were not funded. Furthermore, NIA and specialty organizations have helped to produce a generation of mid-level and established clinician-scientist leaders who could connect with each other through this network for new transdisciplinary initiatives, while facilitating mentoring, educational, advisory, and collaborative activities with promising junior investigators. Such leaders include past GEMSSTAR awardees, Paul B. Beeson ScholarsT. Franklin Williams ScholarsDennis W. Jahnigen Scholars, and other NIA-funded career development awardees, as well as senior investigators leading NIA-funded Centers and other large projects.

At the end of the 5-year funding period supported by this FOA, the successful applicant will have developed a robust national resource supporting multiple coordinated activities that identify important specific cross-cutting clinical areas or problems requiring transdisciplinary research approaches; effectively develop and synergize clinician-scientists in aging research careers from diverse disciplines and specialties; connect these scientists with important additional resources supported by NIA, NIH, and other sources; and ultimately advance the foundations of transdisciplinary patient-centered care of older adults. 

Funding Information

Estimated Total Funding TBD
Expected Number of Awards TBD
Estimated Award Ceiling TBD
Primary CFDA Numbers TBD

Anticipated Eligible Organizations

Public/State Controlled Institution of Higher Education
Private Institution of Higher Education
Nonprofit with 501(c)(3) IRS Status (Other than Institution of Higher Education)
Nonprofit without 501(c)(3) IRS Status (Other than Institution of Higher Education)
Small Business
For-Profit Organization (Other than Small Business)
State Government
Indian/Native American Tribal Government (Federally Recognized)
County governments
City or township governments
Special district governments
Independent school districts
Public housing authorities/Indian housing authorities
Indian/Native American Tribally Designated Organization (Native American tribal organizations (other than Federally recognized tribal governments)
U.S. Territory or Possession
Indian/Native American Tribal Government (Other than Federally Recognized)
Regional Organization

Applications are not being solicited at this time. 


Please direct all inquiries to:

Basil Eldadah, MD, PhD
National Institute on Aging (NIA)


Susan Zieman, MD, PhD
National Institute on Aging (NIA)
Telephone: 301496-6761