NIA Intervention Testing Program Announces the Collaborative Interactions Program

Notice Number: NOT-AG-16-085

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Release Date: January 6, 2017  

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National Institute on Aging (NIA)


The National Institute on Aging (NIA) Interventions Testing Program (ITP) was established to test compounds purported to extend lifespan and/or delay the onset of disease and disability.  The NIA ITP tests such compounds in mice, using a variety of measured endpoints to assess the efficacy of interventions.  There are three sites that perform the testing, one at the University of Michigan, one at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center-San Antonio, and one at the Jackson Laboratory.

The ITP is a collaborative effort between the study sites and the sponsors who recommend interventions for study.  This year the ITP is launching a new level of collaboration, with the goal of enhancing the characterization of the effects of the compounds it tests.  The ITP Collaborative Interactions Program (CIP) provides fresh and fixed tissue, and limited numbers of mice treated with the test compounds, for collaborations that further our understanding of the mechanism of action and activity of the compounds.  Because of the limited availability of tissue and mice, a short description of the requested resources and the assays to be performed is required; proposed collaborations will be reviewed by the ITP executive committee to maximize the value of collaborative investments for the ITP.  Information on the ITP CIP is posted at:  Information on how to suggest a compound to test in the ITP is found at


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