Commercialization Assistance Program (CAP)

A Program for NIH SBIR Phase II Awardees

The National Institute of Health’s SBIR Commercialization Program (CAP) is a nationwide program funded by NIH and managed and executed by Larta Institute of Los Angeles, CA.

The program is designed to assist some of the most promising life science companies bring their technologies to market. This ten-month program is specifically designed for a select number of NIH SBIR Phase II grantees and comprises of training workshops, individual mentoring and consulting sessions, and public events in which companies present their technologies to the investment community, potential strategic partners and licensees.

New with the 2008-09 program are two distinctive tracks that offer customized assistance to meet the specific needs of both early stage and seasoned companies: Commercialization Training Track (CTT), and Accelerator Commercialization Track (ACT), respectively. Each is different in their objectives and outcomes.

The Commercialization Training Track (CTT) is customized for early stage companies in need of establishing a strong basic understanding of the industry/marketplace dynamics before presenting themselves to potential partners. Participants in CTT will acquire or enhance their skills and tools and create the infrastructure, documentation, and business models needed to become viable commercial partners.

Over a 10-month period, each CTT participant will:

  • Participate in a Commercialization Training Workshop
  • Perform Business and Strategic Planning
  • Develop a Management Toolkit
  • Participate in a mid-point Feedback Session
  • Decide on the company's next steps to Move Forward
  • Provide Program Feedback

60 slots are allocated for CTT. Participation is free; however, those participating in the CTT are responsible for the travel and lodging expenses associated with attending two mandatory workshops: (1) the Commercialization Training Workshop and (2) the Feedback Session.

The Accelerator Commercialization Track (ACT) of the NIH-CAP, as the name implies, is an accelerated customized program designed for the high-performer grantee. Unlike the CTT, this is not a training program. The goal is to target the most critical issues pertinent to the participant and to achieve a desired commercialization outcome. Participants in this track may very well complete the program in as short as three months.

The Accelerator Commercialization Track is appropriate for companies who may have commercialized other products, have clearly-defined markets and partners, and have raised financing through institutional channels. ACT is also for companies who are undertaking or have completed clinical studies as required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Investigational New Drug (IND) or Radioactive Drug Research Committee (RDRC) application; or medical devices approvals.

15 slots are allocated for ACT. Participation is free; however, those participating are responsible for their travel and lodging expenses associated with attending an optional public partnering/investment event. (NIH will pay up to $1200 in event presentation fees.)

During the program, each ACT participant will:

  • Work one-on-one with a designated Principal Advisor on Negotiated Outcomes
  • Participate in Virtual Webinars
  • Develop a company-specific Outcomes Document
  • Participate in a Transaction-Oriented Work Plan
  • Present their business opportunity at a Partnering/investment Event
  • Provide Program Feedback

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            Ms. Kay Etzler
            NIH SBIR CAP Program Manager
            Office of Extramural Programs
            Office of Extramural Research

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